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Tools for Checking Backlinks

May 12, 2016
Tools for Checking Backlinks

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are the hyperlinks that allow the users to browse from one webpage to another. Google’s PageRank algorithm determines the importance of a webpage depending on the quality and sources of the backlinks of that page. A page with greater number of backlinks rank higher in all search engines including Google.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are important for a number of reasons:

  • They allow the users to build a link map of how the website and webpage will fit into the web space and get more. exposure since people interested in your content can write a blog and link back their blog to yours.

  • They determine the impact your webpage will get because when the link connects to a high quality page it will yield a good name for your page as well.

  • Backlinks drive traffic and increase engagement on your website as it is used by web crawlers as well.

  • They are very important for SEO and Ranking because higher number of backlinks enhance the popularity of the webpage.

What are the tools for Backlink Building Campaign?

There SEO tools that are to be taken into consideration before starting the Backlink Building Campaign are discussed below.

  • Domain Stats Tool – This tool helps the users keep track of their backlinks, displays the backlinks of a domain in Google, Yahoo and MSN and states some details about the user’s website like the backlinks highly regarded by Google.

  • Backlink Builder Tool – This tool simplifies Backlink Building Campaign by searching the sites that have a related theme to the user’s website and will likely add user’s link to their webpage every time the user types a keyword.

  • Backlink Anchor Text Analysis Tool – This tool helps the user in finding the backlinks and the text that is being used to link to the user’s website. If the user feels that the hyperlink is not being put to its best use then he can request the website to change the anchor text to something relating to the keywords.

What are the best Backlink Checker Tools?

The Backlink Checker Tools have been briefly discussed below:

  • OpenLinkProfiler - It is a free backlink analysis tool that offers an in-depth analysis for fresh backlinks and other backlink databases besides Sophisticated Link Filtering, Link Disinfection Tool and link alerts. It allows the user check backlinks for unlimited domains and newest links to any domain. It displays only top ranked domains and Link Influence Score of any page.

  • Ahrefs – It is a SEO Tool and Backlink Checker that analyses websites, tracks social media, builds backlinks, tracks keywords, backlinks, brand mentions and notifies you about your rankings on mobile devices and the keywords the competitors are ranking for in search engines.

  • SEMrush – It is a Search Engine Marketing Tool that helps the users find the keywords the user’s site or any other website is ranking high for and also enables you to add keywords and track their position in all search engines on the basis of their geographical position.

  • BuzzSumo – It is a tool used for content marketing and SEO campaigns. It helps the user to search the most successful contents of his needs that have the highest number of likes and shares.

  • Rank Signals – It is a SEO Software that helps businesses grow with SEO, Content and Inbound Marketing tools for rich analytics and competitive intelligence that helps the businesses discover high quality backlink sources for effective marketing channels and growth opportunities.

  • WebMeUp – It is a SEO Tool that allows owners of smaller sites to discover huge number of links to help them grow their businesses by providing unique, SEO-significant backlinks for any site and evaluation of the user’s link profile and what links might put the user at risk. It also allows the user to download links of any competing site to acquire the best links.

  • Monitor Backlinks – It is a Monitoring Tool that helps the businesses or anyone present online be it SEO, freelancers, marketers or entrepreneurs to get good rankings in search engines at affordable prices by providing. It also notifies the user if it finds problems with the user’s links, SEO metrics and reports and even suggests the proper way to manage the backlinks.

  • Moz – It is a SaaS company that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions and offers tools that show the important HTML component keywords, determines the relevance of a page on the basis of comparison of websites.

  • Linkody - It is a SEO tool for marketers and site owners which help the users to know when they gain or lose backlinks, get information about the competitor’s linkbuilding strategies, identify bad links and efficiently undertake the linkbuilding process.

  • Backlink Watch – It is an online SEO tool for web crawlers and link builders that gives the user’s site full backlink reports, helps in finding quality link building opportunities, monitoring the backlinks and also in finding quality backlinks that will help their site rank better on Google SERP.

The other Backlink Checker Tools are:

  • Majestic SEO
  • Open site explorer
  • SEO spyglass
  • Google Alerts
  • Link diagnosis

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