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The Top AI Analytics Platforms for 2022

The Top AI Analytics Platforms for 2022

Businesses of all sizes now recognize analytics as indispensable to their operations. If a company is going to have success in the modern business landscape, they need to be able to collect, analyze and extract insights from data. With an AI-powered BI tool, today’s businesses have platforms that can help them do more with the data they have.

Modern business intelligence tools use technologies like machine learning to make them better at finding patterns, developing insights and predicting outcomes. Not only that, but these tools can now do the work faster and at scale.

The use of AI in analytics has grown to a point that you now have several platforms to choose from. For some businesses, this can make it difficult to find the right one. That is why we are going to look at some of the top AI analytics platforms in 2021.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you have an AI-powered BI solution from one of the leading names in database solutions. This is one of the most complete analytics platforms on the market today, and it comes with some of the most powerful tools you will find. It uses machine learning for fast automated insights, and it can work with many of the most popular sources of data used by businesses today. It also comes with a range of visualization tools to make it easy to understand and share data.

Microsoft Power BI

With Power BI, Microsoft offers a powerful self-service business intelligence platform that can cover every corner of a company. It has an easy-to-use interface and it provides visuals that can help to provide clarity as it concerns your data. This platform uses AI to automate some of the analytics functions and it can connect to many of the most popular data sources.

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM unleashes the power of AI for analytics with the Cognos Analytics platform. This is a comprehensive solution for business intelligence that can connect to different data sources, clean data, create visualizations and offer predictive analysis. Backed by its powerful AI, IBM Cognos Analytics can take your data to show you where your business is and provide answers about where it could be going.


Tableau is one of the market leaders for analytics, and it is easy to see why. The platform is made to be easy to use and it comes with visualizations that can be great for sharing insights across your organization. This BI platform can unify data across a range of sources and it offers a set of AI tools that can help modern businesses find insights and solutions.

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics is a platform that makes data exploration, reporting and analytics more accessible. As the name suggests, this platform focuses on easy-to-understand visuals and it has a dashboard that almost any person can use. With SAS Visual Analytics, you get smart insights, predictive analytics and easy to follow reporting from a simple, yet powerful tool.

Zoho Analytics

This is a complete business intelligence and analytics platform. You can connect data from a multitude of sources and it uses AI for augmented analytics. The dashboard from Zoho Analytics makes the system easy to use and it offers a range of tools for reporting and visualizations. The intuitive interface makes it great for people who are not specialists and it also works well for sharing and collaboration.

TIBCO Spotfire

With powerful AI, TIBCO Spotfire is another analytics platform that can help businesses leverage data to its full advantage. This self-service analytics solution offers ease of use while also having great depth. This is another platform that does great with the visualization tools and it can work with a wide assortment of data sources. It is also really good at taking historic data and using it with live data.

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is probably one of the most flexible AI analytics platforms available today. The solutions are customizable based on the needs of the organization, and the AI simplifies the process of gaining insights from analytics. It can integrate with an array of data sources, it has all the visualization tools you could need and it comes with simple controls that offer a user experience that is very easy to follow.


Qlik offers data analytics solutions that help users gain insights and turn them into actions. This is an end-to-end BI solution that covers everything from data integration to analytics. With the powerful AI and simple interface, Qlik has the ability to empower everyone at your organization with data-driven insights.

Today’s business intelligence tools use AI to put the power of analytics in the hands of more users. You have no shortage of tools that can provide you with intelligent insights and reporting that can be understood by anyone. The only issue at this point is finding the right analytics platform for your business.

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