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6 Affordable and Reliable Tools to Help you with sales in 2022

Jan 27, 2022
6 Affordable and Reliable Tools to Help you with sales in 2022

The best way you can sell effectively is to have as a few repetitive tasks as possible in your sales routine. When you have more free time to actually interact and connect with your customers, the higher the chance you will increase your conversion rate. When you speed up some of the more mundane things in your process, you can intimately get to know your customer's wants and needs. The one thing we will never eliminate in sales is the human element. No copy, offer, or feature can replace the impression the customer gets from their salesman. And with technology today, you can handle more deals, connect with more clients, and have the best tools you can have to make your conversion rates as high as they can possibly be. So let's explore some of the best and most affordable tools out there:

1. Really Simple Systems

This CRM tool is the best value for money option out there. Their software can manage and track any sale opportunity. You can create an invoice and quotation straight from your opportunity, which cuts down on your paperwork immensely. By giving weighted values to a sale, you have the ability to predict how a sale forecast will be going in a given period. The thing is, you have a good deal of customizing you can do so that you can create your own sales process and its steps. And with their Opportunity History feature, you will be able to keep a good record of anything that happened to your sales opportunity. With a full record, you can easily see what you did right or what you did wrong. It is hardly a coincidence that Really Simple System's software is in GetApp's 2021 Category Leaders and SoftwareAdvice's 2021 FrontRunners rankings as their upmost top Sales Automation software products. These are ranked by actual users who give their reviews based on their experience.

2. Hoovers

This tool is great for prospecting and managing growth. Hoovers offers a way to get to your prospect and establish a profitable relationship (for both sides) by leveraging data and advanced analytics. They use Bambora, an industry-leading data specialist who can easily identify any peaks in buying intent. This may sound all a bit technical, but their tools for prospecting are very user-friendly and clear. All the info you may need is provided right there on the spot, things like employee size, their revenue, the contact information of relevant personnel, etc. If a ton of data is something you value, Hoovers is the way to go.

3. Qwilr

Excellent for document creation, like making proposals and quotes. You can also make document tracking easy and their viewing, making them responsive like any web page. Making them excellent with a lot of templates is easy. With modular building blocks and an imposing image gallery, it truly is hassle-free. It is well integrated with Slack, Stripe, HubSpot, Salesforce, and others. The only downside is the price, and with the lowest plan starting at $66 per month, it is not super affordable, but once you start using it, you will see that it is more than justified.

4. Voila Norbert

With every company out there having their website, you would think that putting the relevant contact information of their team on it would be a priority. That's where Voila Norbert comes in, and they are simply the best software out there for finding email addresses. Need to find an email from your local reporter? Want to reach out to blogs and contact their authors? Need a good way to fill up your pipeline with high-quality leads? Whatever the need is, getting away to contact people is the first valuable step into creating a long-lasting business relationship. There is also a bulk identification method to reach people.

5. GetAccept

If managing content is your way of selling, then Get Accept is right for you. It doesn't offer quite the modulation as Qwilr, but it is excellent if you are starting out. Their editorial tools are great, and you can create some decent templates. You will also send your presentation to potential customers and follow it up with a video testimonial. Not only that, but you can also make amazing and engaging videos as well, a good way to stand out. And with their advanced tracking algorithm, you will be able to understand who is actually interacting with your content and in what way. We included them here because if you don't want to shell out $66 for Qwilr, GetAccept has much lower rates, especially when starting out.

6. Unbounce

Simply put, Unbounce is a great tool with which you can create smart landing pages. They offer instant copy generation for your business and claim over 30% more conversions on your website. Their AI is a simply amazing tool in machine learning and will save you a ton of time you would spend making your own copy from scratch. Even if you don't like what the AI has written, it can give you a good foundation for where to begin or structure your own landing page. Unbounce is essential if you are out there and pretty much your own or your company's sales team. You will be able to make your own campaigns fast and have all the info you need to make better decisions based on the feedback you get.


So what tool did you find most helpful? The all in one CRM from Really Simple Systems or Voila Norbert, the resident internet email detective? You don't have to use all of these tools, just the ones where you identify you can use some help with. We included a diverse tool kit that will aid you best in your lead generation pursuit. Because we know finding prospects can be a pain, and it doesn't need to be.

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