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Top 5 Low-Code Tools To Build AI-powered Chatbots In 2022

Top 5 Low-Code Tools To Build AI-powered Chatbots In 2022

The advancements in modern technologies and next-gen tech have enabled businesses to tackle complex tasks faster and with ease. One such advancement is low-code development. This approach enables businesses to build mobile applications in weeks instead of months or years. Further, this approach is cost-effective and can be used to build enterprise-grade applications without employing multiple developers in this case.

While these low-code development tools are effective for a variety of use cases like internal applications, automating workflows, streamlining processes, etc., one of its very popular features is building chatbots.

Building chatbots required a lot of developer support or integration with third-party applications. However, low-code development platforms promise to make it a cakewalk for even citizen developers. One can build chatbots and infuse them with the power of Artificial Intelligence to make smart decisions without much technical expertise.

So, which all low-code tools allow this? Here is a list to help you get started.


Appian is a low-code tool that allows businesses to build an application with countless features and functionalities with minimal coding. It gives subject matter experts, business analysts, and other business users the power to create chatbots without any technical knowledge of coding. These bots can be powered with Artificial Intelligence and have decision-making capabilities using logic. Appian allows citizen developers to build smart chatbots through its chatbot platform.

These chatbots created on Appian can have logical thinking capabilities, all thanks to smart actions that can be used as visual workflows. These bots are AI-powered and can provide instant solutions to the users based on their query or push the case further to the required customer service executive.


Creatio is a low-code platform commonly used to build applications by citizen developers with very less coding language. The low-code development platform has a rule-based chatbot builder called Beesender Bot Master. It requires zero coding or no coding and enables businesses to build their virtual assistants without any coding requirements. This bot can be designed to perform a variety of tasks like sending messages, files, images, etc., creating leads, orders, request with a client, or even using its data collected during customer interaction to enhance their profiles.

One can easily build a variety of chatbots using Creatio’s Beesender Bot Master. It can be used to build welcome bots, waiting bots, feedback bots, survey bots, training bots, service bots, notification bots, etc.

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft has been offering a wide range of services for businesses planning to build a mobile application without a lot of effort put into the coding. There are different ways that one can use to build a chatbot on Microsoft Power Apps. The Microsoft Bot Framework allows businesses of all scales to build a bot that delivers conversational AI experiences.

The QnA Maker of Power Apps allows businesses to build a bot without any coding requirements. And not just that, it also enables businesses to create custom APIs to connect to the bot service.


One of the most popular low-code development platforms out there, Outsystems is best suited for building mobile applications of all scales. It can be used to build enterprise-grade applications for internal purposes as well as consumer-facing processes. Using the platform, one can easily build AI-powered chatbots and connect them to applications.

The chatbots that you create using Outsystems provide a user interface that enables users to generate replies using logic.

Outsystems allows users to create custom chatbot UI and add powerful AI features to the bots. These features can be anything from custom replies to knowledge base connections to detecting intents and following accordingly.


Another powerful platform to build AI-powered chatbots quickly is Zumvu. The tool enables businesses to automate their growth to succeed in the digital world. Zumvu offers powerful AI chatbots that can enable businesses to converse with their users and customers for a seamless conversion throughout the journey. It can help them in collecting and qualifying leads, routing conversations to support executives, book meetings, and more to streamline the sales process for any business.

Using the AI-based chatbot platform offered by Zumvu, one can increase the overall conversions from the incoming traffic. The logical capabilities and decision-making power of the chatbot enable businesses to have human-like conversations with customers and build stronger relationships.


Having a chatbot is imperative for any business today. It affects the overall customer experience and the interaction that a user has with any brand. Not just that, a chatbot with logical thinking capabilities can offer instant support to the users and hold them together with the brand for longer. It can be used to optimize the marketing efforts, push customers down the sales funnel, and assist in any part of the journey. Having a chatbot can help businesses have a lasting impact and convert users. With the tools discussed above, one can easily build an AI-powered chatbot and integrate it with their applications faster.

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