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Tips to improve your Facebook Page Visibility

Tips to improve your Facebook Page Visibility

Posting contents that are trending or are widely popular among all age groups such as funny memes, funny videos, short stories and positive, inspiring quotes can work wonders for your Facebook Page. However, simply making a post is not enough. It is very important to adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Facebook guidelines. Once you learn the terms and conditions and start planning your posts accordingly, there is no looking back for you.

Some of the easy to apply tactics to generate more leads for your business while simultaneously boosting page visibility, brand exposure and user engagement of your Facebook Page have been mentioned below:

1. Avoid too many posts
Try making one post a day until unless your post requires timely delivery and is of interest to majority of your fans. You rarely lose fans for making lesser posts but posting too often might lead to losing fans or getting your posts hidden by them. Too many posts invite less engagement and have a negative effect on your page rank.

2. Post at the right time
It is very important to determine the time when your post will have maximum reach to your targeted audience. The best time to post depends on your audience. For example, if you are targeting 18-24 year olds, 9-10pm is the ideal time while posting on weekdays or the evenings can be best when you target mothers.

3. Post engaging content
Making engaging posts for your fans will not only generate more traffic for your page but also invite new followers. Interesting posts tend to be liked and shared. The more likes and shares, the more followers you get and your page visibility is boosted.

4. Make use of Facebook Targeting options
Facebook offers two new targeting options for posts: Target Interests & Post End Date. The former directs your updates to narrow groups for greater engagement while the latter predetermine your post’s lifespan in the news feed; meaning on reaching the expiry date, the post though on your page will not be seen on your followers’ timeline. This is a great way to promote time bound events and offers.

5. Use images and videos
Stats have shown that photos and videos get 100% more engagement as compared to text updates. Written updates can be boring and only handful of your followers will take the pain of reading the entire post. This will lead to post failure and low traffic generation. On the other hand, photos and videos not only captivate your followers’ interest but also generate more engagement on your page.

6. Facebook competitions
Facebook competitions are one of the tested ways to improve your page visibility and traffic generation. People love getting free stuff and highly engage in competitions that promise a though reasonable but a decent prize. Do not offer prizes that seem too good to be true, simply follow Facebook’s terms and conditions and you are good to go.

7. Run a promotion campaign
You can boost the visibility of your posts through promotion via the newsfeed. This means you can run a promotion campaign by choosing a suitable customised package for your paid advertisement and extend the reach of your posts among your targeted audience.

8. Facebook offers
Facebook Page when put to its best use can work wonders to generate leads and get more exposure for your business. Promoting a time bound offer or an ad campaign through Facebook helps your followers easily redeem the offer and when they do so, viral messages across their newsfeed is posted to friends giving more exposure to your business.

9. Facebook Calls to Action
Users quickly scroll down their newsfeed page but if you want to them to stop and pay attention to your post, you need to add a call to action within your post. However, try including it in a manner that will not come up as a sales ad or sound very desperate to the followers.

10. Free coupons and discounts
Offering exclusive free coupons, coupon codes, sale offers and discounts via Facebook Page can generate excellent results in terms of traffic generation, enhanced sales, new followers, boosted page visibility and brand and post exposure.

11. Encourage user Check-Ins
Create a Facebook Page for your business and allow user check-ins. Facebook check-ins show up in the users’ timeline and provide more exposure to your brand and Facebook Page. Since the users’ friends see it in their newsfeed, more people come to know about your brand and the prospects for new customers increase.

12. Add a surprise factor to your posts
Occasionally post a video or story that can touch hearts, be it a story of helping someone or something extraordinary happening at your place. Anything that can captivate the attention of your followers will boost the fan engagement on your page. Followers tend to like and share heart wrenching videos or the ones that are emotional and positive. This will help your post show up on their friends’ newsfeeds and you will end up getting more fans and traffic for your page.

13. Post short content
Try posting content between 100-250 characters because people tend to avoid long contents or posts. Stats show that short posts get 60% more likes, shares and comments as compared to the longer ones.

14. Make funny posts
Funny posts and videos are liked by all and users not only enjoy watching or reading them but also share it on their timelines. Once shared, more people like the page where the funny memes, jokes and videos have been posted. This not only improves your follower count but also enhances fan engagement on your Facebook Page.

15. Post positive quotes and stories
Facebook users also share positive quotes and stories on their timelines to the maximum. People like it when positive and inspiring quotes or stories appear on their newsfeeds and timelines. Thus, making a positive post can work greatly in your favour.

Employing few of these tactics into your Facebook posts will not help you get more visibility for your Facebook Page but will also help improve your follower count and brand exposure, thus generating new fans for your brand and Facebook Page.

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