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Top Customer Feedback Tools for Websites

Top Customer Feedback Tools for Websites

Everything starts with the customer. The loyalty of the customer is priceless and the very purpose of any business is to create customers. Any business holds no value without the feedback of its customers because it is this feedback which gives the owners an insight into the way they are doing business. It also helps them know the alterations that need to be made in the way of doing business so as to generate happy customers and improve the overall quality of the product.

Customer feedback is important because it is the best way to measure customer satisfaction and create better experience for them. To make business decisions one needs data to rely upon. Nothing works better than the reviews of the customer themselves for knowing what they feel about the product of the company. If you want to deliver more than what is expected of you, collect customer feedback in a smart and effective manner.

Here are some of the tools that will make the procedure of customer feedback collection easier:


SurveyMonkey is a simple customer surveyor tool where you can create a simple or sophisticated survey and make smarter decisions to run your business on the basis of the data collected. With this tool, you can define your target audience, launch your project and get your answers within days. In addition to this, you also get answers to your product questions from library of expert-certified survey templates. Survey Monkey helps you take your decisions in just the right way.

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is an omnichannel feedback system and survey app that provides a centralized feedback database with real-time reporting. It helps you automate, manage and improve your feedback processes across channels ranging from websites, kiosks, tablets, emails, and SMS. Whether you're a business, a healthcare provider, or a non-profit organization, you can use this feedback system to make data-driven decisions and improve customer experience. Zonka Feedback allows you to distribute surveys and close the feedback loop for all the stakeholders including your online and offline website/ app visitors, patients, consumers, customers, employees, shareholders, and others.


Uservoice is a product management and customer support software. It helps you in creating happy customers. Uservoice services can be used to build better products with the help of its all-in-one product management platform. This makes it easy to collect feedback, prioritize features and nail the product release.


Typeform is a powerful set of APIs for interacting with users humans. It allows the developers to dynamically build awesome forms on the fly. The user can build beautiful, engaging and conversational online forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages and much more with this tool. It also helps you to get away with traditional forms and makes your experience livelier.

Help Scout

Help Scout is the helpdesk for those who look forward to a delightful customer experience. It is customer support software with a personal touch. It keeps your team organized and your customers happy with a host of features designed for managing email at scale. It is designed for what you care about the most: customer happiness because you have not slept for countless nights to create products that is compelling to people. Hence, it is an easy way to know your customers and provide them with better support.


OpinionLab is a powerful tool to give voice to your customers' opinion about your products. This will surely enable you to make smarter and faster business decisions. This powerful tool helps you to capture rich context regarding the feedback of the customers, apply advanced analytics and then take real-time targeted actions. It applies innovation and deep market understanding to help you securely and effectively engage with your customers throughout their cross-channel customer journey.

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is an online community and the shortest distance between you and your customer. These online customer communities break new grounds in the company-customer relationships and provide an effective way for the companies to connect with today's customers. With the help of such communities the different companies can modernize their support, accelerate the sales and know what the customers really want. Online customer communities unlock new value for companies and customers alike.

Get Feedback

Get Feedback is a smart tool to create engaging, mobile ready surveys. It is a powerful medium to create beautiful surveys that displays perfectly on phones, tablets and browsers. It enables the end users to represent their brand in a beautiful way which leaves an impression on the mind of the customers. On this platform you will be able to engage the customers with a delightful experience by creating stunning surveys that recipients actually complete.


iPerceptions is a first class customer experience solution. It is a reimagining digital customer research by evolving digital analytics, enriching marketing technologies and personalizing experiences in real-time.


UserEcho is a software solution for better customer service. It allows you to create a modern community for supporting customers within a few minutes. It offers much more functionality and flexibility than just a forum. Ticketing support system with private topics visible only to the customers, mobile support, social networking monitoring and more features, UserEcho is the perfect solution for providing customer support.


AnyMeeting is a powerful online tool which enables you to host webinars or meetings, easily and affordably. It offers free and low cost web conferencing, video conferencing, conference call and more for small business packed with lots of features. This tool is quite effective for marketing presentations, group training, online events and corporate communications.


Usersnap provides the central place to organize the web projects, collect feedbacks and track the bugs. It is an easy way to get things done with visual communication by getting rid of endless exchange of emails.


Usabilla is an online tool to get the customer feedback across all digital channels without any hassle. This customer feedback tool give a voice to your users, improves the performance of your websites, apps or emails with proper customer solutions. It further enables you to optimize your website with live user feedback. There is no need to guess what the users might want, indeed focus on what they actually want.


Kampyle is a user friendly platform to give a voice to the customer experience. It enables you to create clarity and focus on the actions you need to take to improve customer experience by helping you to put the customer feedback at the heart of your digital experience.

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat is a simple customer feedback tool that surveys your customers, measures satisfaction and identifies those that are unhappy. It offers an insight into how the customers really feel about the services offered by your company.

Zoho Discussions

Zoho Discussions is an online tool that lets you create your own customer support and private community where problems are solved, topics are discussed and ideas are exchanged. It’s a single platform to manage feedbacks, ideas, questions and problems. It is fully customizable and comes with a highly secured “SSO” technique which allows users to navigate between your website and online community.


Hively is a customer feedback tool that helps in gathering real time customer feedback and employee awards. It helps you measure the customer satisfaction and modify services to achieve customer happiness. Use Hively for consistent, real time feedback on which you can act on.


CustomerSure is a powerful online tool that helps you measure and improve the customer satisfaction with actionable data. It enables you to send automated surveys and gain high response rates with relevant questions at the right time. It also helps you improve customer retention by eliminating the recurring complaints.


Feedbackify is an online tool to get real time feedback from your website visitors. It is the quickest and the easiest way to receive private real time feedback from the website visitors.

With these customer feedback tools, you will be able to run your business more effectively in today's competitive scenario. To keep growing in the market, these customer feedback tools are very important as they help you to improve the customer satisfaction by conducting real time surveys and knowing what the customers actually want.

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