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6 Tips For Improving Employee Productivity In The Workplace

May 24, 2022
6 Tips For Improving Employee Productivity In The Workplace

Employee involvement is one of the most critical aspects of business success. If you have a satisfied and happy employee, you will also have a successful and leading business.

Employee productivity always supports business continuity. But, conversely, when your employees are not productive, your business operations will be hampered, which can certainly keep your business away from profits.

In this article, you will find five tips for improving employee productivity. Here’s what employee productivity is, why it is essential, and the most effective tips for improving employee productivity in the workplace.

What is employee productivity?

Employee productivity or workforce productivity is an assessment of the efficiency of a worker or group of workers. Productivity may be evaluated regarding an employee's output in a specific period. Usually, a given worker's productivity will be evaluated relative to an average for employees doing similar work. Because the success of any organization relies upon the productivity of its workforce, employee productivity is an important consideration for businesses.

Employee productivity is important because the amount of money the company spends on the employee wages should be less than what the employee earns for the company through his work. When employees feel productive and are given the opportunity to contribute to the overall organization, they become more purposeful. That feeling can inspire them to strive to do their best.

Match tasks to skills

Knowing your employees’ skills and behavioral styles is essential for maximizing work efficiency. For example, an extroverted, creative, out-of-the-box employee from a design team is probably a great person to present ideas to clients, from representing them graphic design trends to integrating matching trends into projects. Many programs and tests help you identify your employee’s skill set. Use these to better understand the people working for you and how to utilize their skills best.

Are they creative, great at sales, good organizers, managers, and can they perform under pressure? These are all things you need to know before assigning certain tasks to a certain employee. If one of the employees has better digital skills than the other one, you should consider assigning a digital marketing audit to them, to make the process more efficient.

2 . Keep the goals clear and focused

You can’t expect the employees to be efficient if they don’t have a focused goal. On the other hand, if the goal is not clearly defined and actually not achievable, the employees will be less productive. So, try to ensure the employees’ assignments are as clear and narrow as possible.

Every business and everyone needs goals. Make sure yours are smart ones. They should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Set goals, and make sure that your staff has set ones targeted to the short term and longer periods, such as three to five years from now.

3 . Focusing on effective communication  

Ensure you have enough provisions that allow the management to communicate with your employees and communicate with each other. Establish dedicated communication channels, whether personal, via phone calls, emails, or video calls.

Effective workplace communication is about connecting with others in your organization and creating an environment where everyone feels included and heard. It’s about communicating to allow your team to accomplish its goals and make progress. You can organize virtual events for your employees frequently, to help them keep communication with each other on online platforms as well, and to avoid technical and other issues during events, use virtual event registration software to make your virtual meetings and events faster and with high quality.

One of the essential employee communication strategies is the employee engagement survey. Employee engagement surveys’ mission is to find out how comfortable your employees feel themselves at work and how motivated they are to perform their best every day. With the help of these surveys, you can understand their thoughts about their work, their position and also about you.

4 . Cut out the excess

The workflow is the glue that binds all the components together, and thanks to it the tasks are carried out in a systematic, organized manner and with a minimum of errors.

If possible, try not to give the employees small and unnecessary tasks when they are focused on a bigger problem. Instead, take a look at the team’s routine and see if there is anything that you can cut to give the employees more time to focus on higher-priority assignments. Give your team access to an online catalogs so they can easily reach the necessary electronic database, and don’t waste time finding them in the archive.    Do not overload the employees with thousands of tasks; let them do just one task and do it in the best possible way.

5 . Train your employees well

One of the most effective ways to make your employees to be more productive is by providing them with extensive training. Arrange dedicated training sessions, webinars, workshops (online/offline) and follow graphic design trends 2023 to help your employees develop new skills and nourish their existing ones.

Employees will have different learning styles. They learn by hearing, seeing, or by doing. Therefore, a smart trainer can best ensure mastery by effectively integrating various methods for communication. For example, while the employee is watching, the trainer can show the steps, make clear how the tasks link with each other and the business needs, answer the questions if they appear and then inspire everyone to give it a try.

If you feel that it’s necessary to train your employees additionally, but it’s out of your budget, feel free to apply to the European funding network and get financial support and improve your team’s professional skills. Training a big team can be connected to a big financial resource both from the company’s budget and from funding networks mentioned above, and this whole process should be properly organized, so you can start using accounting software for enterprises to manage all your finances with high efficiency and in one platform with advanced tools.

6 . Let your employees have a personal life

Work-life balance is an essential part of practical work. Let your employees have a personal life and spend time on hobbies. It will make them satisfied and make their work more effective.

A good work-life balance has a lot of positive sides, including increased productivity, lower levels of absence, stress and burnout, greater employee motivation and loyalty to the employer.

So, obviously, this benefits both employees and employers. Work-life balance is not about splitting your time equally between work and relaxation, but making sure you feel fulfilled and satisfied in everything that you do in life.


Stimulate employees to ask questions, share feedback and continue practicing. A new employee with fresh ideas and perspective may identify ways to improve your business operations. Your interest in their comments will help reinforce their contributions to the team.

In addition, arrange a time for the employee to complete a satisfaction and effectiveness feedback form training session. The feedback you gain can provide invaluable information for improving the training sessions and the designated trainer.

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