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22 Places to share your Blog Posts for more exposure

22 Places to share your Blog Posts for more exposure

Your work doesn’t ends once you have created a blog site. The real work starts after the site is created. And it is retaining and maintaining good number of visitors. Getting interested visitors is the hardest part of building a blog site. If you don’t have visitors and readers then there is no point of maintaining a blog site. It is the number of visitors that make or break your blog site. So, you must focus in getting more number of visitors once you have done you blog writing.

Therefore, only writing an informative and useful blog is not enough. You need to make it visible to the target audiences. And you can do this by sharing it in the target platforms where the potential reader would get to know about your blog and blog website. Though nowadays, most bloggers share their blog posts in the social media platform like Facebook and Twitter, they are unaware of the other effective platforms.

Yes! There are several other platforms that could make your blog post viral of course if it is really good and covers a trending topic. Are you willing to learn about those platforms? Look no further as this article will list all the effective platforms to share your blog posts. Read on to know more!


A video or PowerPoint presentation makes it stand out in the crowd. It transforms the static content into interactive one which most people like to read. You can transform your blog content into slideshow presentation with the help of PowerPoint or other software. Then share it on SlideShare, your blog completely gets a new look and attracts more visitors on the platform. Try this platform to witness an all-new look of your blogs that will surely help you reach the target audience.  

LinkedIn Groups

All of you might be aware of the top professional site LinkedIn and there is hardly any professional who is not present in the site. The site also offer groups dedicated to particular domains. You can share your blog, website and other information in the group. This is an effective way to spread your work to the target audiences. But make sure that you share content relevant to the group topic otherwise it may considered as spam and loose the attention.


Pinterest is also a great platform to share your blog other than Facebook and Twitter. The active community of Pinterest is a great place to share your blog. More than content, here the focus is on adding great pictures to the blog. You can then use the pictures to post on the Pinterest on the relevant group. Ensure that you post related pictures to attract more traffic to your blog. is a platform that offers fresh, new and engaging content to the readers. Therefore, readers usually come to the platform when they are in search of interesting content. You can make use of this platform to make your blog site popular. And of course the blog site becomes famous if the content is really interesting and informative. The platform offers a free account which can be used to post only one topic. If you want to use it for more topics then you have to upgrade the subscription. For five topics, you have to pay $11/month and for 15 topics you have to pay $67 per month.

Provide your blog a whole new feel with infographics and share it on the The visual representation of the content in the form of infographics catches the attention of the reader as they are easy to understand and read. Making an infographic of your blog content and sharing it the platform like significantly increases the visibility of your blog to the target audiences. So, wait no further and try this podium right away!


Instagram is also a popular platform where you can share the blog pictures to get noticed. It also focuses on visual sharing like Pinterest. The platform is very simple to use and this is one reason why it is quite popular among young audiences. So, wait no more to have an Instagram account and share your blog to get the relevant audiences for your blog site.


Triberr is a platform where you can share your blog with other fellow bloggers. But you must target the relevant of “tribe” of the platform. This is a great platform to build relationship with other bloggers and gain organic traffic. Don’t wait more and login to Triberr to share your blog.


Stumble Upon is another social networking site where you can share your blogs and fetch a good traffic from there. It basically allows a user to search random web content through the “Stumble” button. So, once you have posted your content in the Stumble Upon site, there is a good chance of spreading it in the internet. It may appear in the random search result and get a visibility among the readers. Then what are you waiting for, upload your content and make it spread like a wild fire.

Google+ Communities

Google+ is also a popular social networking site that can be easily used to spread your blog in the internet world. Google+ has communities of different theme. You can pick the relevant community and share your blog post there. But make sure not to do more self promotion and post unique content. It is easy to login into Google+ through your Gmail Id. So, you don’t have to stress much in making a new account.  


Bizsugar is a great place to share your blog especially if you have a small business. Blogs on business news and tips are mostly shared in this site. You can make such post and attract interested buyers or target audiences for your business through this site. Small is big in the business world. You never know what would be a hit in among the readers. So, keep going and posting informative blogs for your users.

Email List

Email list may be an old way to keep in touch with your loyal customers and readers, but it is really an effective one. Make a list of subscribers whoever is interested in your business and blogs. And share the blogs via emails whenever you have a new blog post in the site. It is good to do it only weekly or biweekly in order to avoid overcrowding their inbox.

Social Bookmarking Sites

There are several niche-based social bookmarking sites that offer specific features to make your blog site top notch. For instance, provides a good platform for SMO, SEO, internet marketing and blogging. And is another great platform for sharing WordPress-related articles. DesignFloat is another great platform for web designers while DZone is a great platform for developers.

Blog Engage

Blog Engage especially provide a platform to share blogs on any topic. There is no regulation on the types or topics. You can use this platform to share your blog post and get noticed by the readers or potential customer for your business. As the platform covers various blog topics from beauty and wellness to share market, you have the better opportunity here to attract more readers.

Industry-Specific Social Networks 

Similar to niche-based social bookmarking sites, there are also industry-specific social networks which offer a platform to share information and advices in order to help each other. One such network is Active Rain from Trulia which is network especially for Realtors. You should search these types of networks in your business domain and share your blog there to get noticed.


Reddit have forums for different domains where you can share your blog targeting the audiences of your domain. But you have to ensure that the content you share must be relevant to the forum, good quality and do not too much marketing tone. Reddit is a quite popular site with a good traffic inflow. You can get benefited from Reddit if you follow the simple tips given here.

Quora and other Q&A sites

Question and answers sites are the great platforms to share your blogs. It helps you to pull out traffic easily to your blog site. You can research the questions mostly asked by the members relevant to your domain. And then you can include in the answer in the blog content. While answering such content in the forum, you can share your blog post as a reference. In this way, readers will be inclined to read your blog to get their answers.

It is a very effective way to pull the readers towards your blog site. The most popular question and answer sites includes Quora and Yahoo answer. So make an account right away and start your research for the mostly asked questions.


Tumblr is also a social networking site that allows you to share images and posts. It is basically a social media cum blog platform that is open for blog sharing. Moreover, you can also link your website and articles in the blog post. As it is a social media site, so it has a huge number follower or reader which is a positive point for your blog post.


Flipboard is another effective platform for blog sharing. It is very simple to use. You can create here boards and post your blogs. These blogs would be visible to the users when they flip around. You can add other’s content in your board and similar other users can also post your content to their boards. Therefore, the content sharing makes your blog reach a wide number of readers and thus you get an enormous traffic for your blog site.


Gone are the days when you save good links on excel sheet that you have found useful in the in internet. However, many still do so! But you can use Delicious to save the important links. You may be wondering now how it would help you to share your blog and get more traffic. But it does as you will not be able to bookmark or save web links but also share and discover new links. Isn’t it interesting! So, here is the easy way to save, organize and discover links from the internet. And which also helps you to share your blog links among other users.


Snapchat is a social networking smartphone app which enables you to talk, chat, and view live stories around the world. It also helps you discover interesting links and news from the web. Like Instagram, you can share your moments, pictures and videos with your friends from any part of the world. It a relatively new app in the industry but has gained popularity in little time. The app is more popular among young generation who finds it more interesting than Facebook or Twitter. 

You can target teenagers with this app easily if they are your potential audiences and customer.

Shareaholic Firefox Extension

Shareholic is one of the popular content amplification platforms. It is an all-in-one platform that allows sharing, following, performing social analytics, promoting content, native ads and saving links. It is an app that helps business to grow traffic, market content, monetize audiences. With a huge number of business users using this platform, it is truly an amazing platform to share your blogs. As the member number huge so is the better chance of visibility of your blog in the internet. is a social media and micro-blogging web service. It is an advertising-supported social networking site. It basically pushed the update that you make to different social websites simultaneously. So, you don’t have to update your content separately in the other social media sites. offers services in three categories such as status update, blogs, and microblogs. Therefore, it is a great platform for sharing your blog post.

The internet is a place where you find a huge number of opportunities to grow your business and credentials. You just have to use the right and relevant platform if you want to conquer the world of internet. Use it wisely to grow and thrive successfully now and foreverer.

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