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24 Amazing Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas

24 Amazing Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas

Even a passionate blogger sometimes finds it difficult to pick a topic. As topic is all that matters in the era of digital marketing. If your blog topic is interesting and catchy then only it has a better chance of getting popularity. After all, you write blogs to get likes, shares, and comments in the social media platforms that advertise your products or services instantly in the digital world.

This is the reason why blogs are the integral part of any business websites nowadays. And you must select the most trending and attractive topic to pull target buyers or customers towards your products. If you haven’t started a blog sections for your website then do it immediately. If you already have one and you are struggling to generate interesting topics then read on. As this article will unveils some of the amazing tools to help you generate blog topics.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

If you are new topics for blog posts but getting topic ideas then try this tool. As the name suggests, HubSpot’s blog topic generator is the one-stop solution for topic ideas. You just need to fill in three different nouns related to the blog topics and you will get several topic ideas for your blog post. In one search, the tools provide you a week’s topics for upload. And if you are looking for more topic ideas then they will email you if you subscribe for HubSpot newsletter.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This tool let you explore content ideas based on your subject. You just need to enter subjects related to your website and the tool will create headline for you. The best part about the tool is that it breaks up the title into small parts that can be easily tweaked to form a topic.

Build Your Own Blog

Build Your Own Blog is a website that helps you learn A to Z of blogging. Everything is available in one place, from tips on creating a blog site to tips on making money out of your blog site. It also gives you tips and helps you generate unique blog topics.

Link Bait Generator

Link Bait generator is a great tool for generating blog topics. It provides blog topics in a quick and simple way. You just need to enter your subject in the tool and you will get a long list of topics in no time.

Inbound Now – Blog Title Idea Generator

Inbound Now is also a great blog topic generator. But instead of providing several topics it generates one unique topic for you when you enter a keyword into the tool. This is a good tool for those you are looking for inspiration to generate topics. The tiles generated in this tool are generic and can be used for any industry.


ContentIdeator is a tool that helps you generate topics for blogs and articles. You can search titles here by keyword, platform or region. It also let you find ideas to discuss in the blog as per your topic. The social media results can help you to sync your better for the search engine result. You must use the hashtags in the content in order to improve engagement.

Content Strategy Helper

Content Strategy Helper is an effective tool to generate blog title ideas. It is very simple to use. You just need to enter word or phrase and the tool to scan and provide you the best topics from around the web. Suppose you enter a keyword “Cryptocurrency”, the tool will scan the web and generate topics from the popular websites like Twitter, Google News, Reddit, Fark, and Yahoo Answers.


Buzzsumo is also a popular topic generator tool. It is a web app based tool. And it doesn’t list the influencers instead gathered a list of popular content and collect the social shares of the content. With this feature, you can not only view the new and fresh content but also their popularity on the internet.

Additionally, it also has features like influencer identification, content alerts, content analysis, identification of the number one author in the domain and more.


Alltop is a tool that gives the best top from around the web. The tool is an Alltop site based tool introduced by famous legendary business advisor and author Guy Kawasaki. It basically scan the most popular topics from around the web in any domain be it finance, fashion or retail. It is like you say they have it! Alltop screens out the blog topics from the best blog websites around the web and list it for you.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

This is a handy tool for generating blog titles whenever required. It comes handy and is very simple to use. You just need to enter a word or phrase and the tool will automatically generate a number of blog titles for you. The titles that are generated are listed in categories and groups. This is a one-stop destination for creating wonderful topics that will your blog site. You just need to tweak the topics a little bit to get an ideal topic for a post.


Topsy is another tool that helps you generate the topics of your choice. You just have to enter a word or phrase into the tool and you will get results of recent tweets, blog posts, G+ posts and more. And if the topic is trending then you can segregate the topic the search result as per the hour, past day, and also last 3 days. The tool also let you filter the tweets, videos, experts and more. Skimming the search results help you generate some wonderful ideas for blog posts. What are you thinking then, just dig into the tool and enjoy blogging.


Ubersuggest is an excellent tool to generate great blog topic ideas. You just have to enter a word or phrase into the tool and you will a list of good topic ideas for your blog post. It generates a long list of word or phrase and also relevant phrases. The topics are listed from A-Z which can easily followed and understand by the users.


Quora is a question answer site where you can get ideas of new topics easily. It is also a good way to pull traffic to your site by answering questions to the questions asked by the users. Quora is a great place to get idea of the commonly asked questions. You can then select a topic for the blog that may answers the questions. Then you can add the link of your blog while answering the questions. In this way, you can easily get good traffic to your blog.

In order to search questions, just enter a word or phrase into the Quora and the questions will be automatically displayed on the screen in no time. is an excellent tool to get engaging blog topic ideas. You can find here many interesting topics curated by other writers. You can even find topics here as per industry of your choice. Find out what biggies are talking about and imbibe their thoughts in your blog along with yours. also helps you to curate content from the web which you can also post them in your social media accounts. This can also be used as a feed for your blogs. Interesting isn’t it! Go for it and get amazing blog ideas.

Google Trends

Google trend is a tool that helps you to get an idea of the search volume of a topic you have used. Suppose you have already selected a topic and written a blog on it. Now you can run the topic on Google Trends to study the search volume for the keywords and phrases you have used. In this way, you will be able to gauge the success rate of the blog topic.

Answer the Public

Answer the public is an innovative tool to generate blog topic ideas. Additionally, you can also generate content ideas using this tool. You can get a long list of alphabetically sorted keyword suggestions. You can also find questions and a list of mostly used prepositions using this tool.


WordStorm is an effective tool to generate blog topics. When you enter a word in the tool for getting topic ideas, it generates interesting word association. For example if you enter “Augmented Reality”, it will give you option like “Innovative Augmented Reality” or “The future of Augmented Reality”.


Reddit is a social news aggregation platform. In this platform, registered users can post their content in the form of links, images, and text posts. The content is then voted by the other members. The posts are named into boards called subreddits which contains content from various industry or domain in the form of news, articles, and blogs. Therefore, Reddit is a great place to look for blog topics relevant to any industry.


Twitter is one of the popular social media sites that is overlooked by most bloggers for searching blog topics. But the fact is that it is one of best platform to look for fresh and new blog topic ideas. You have to search topic through a keyword followed by hashtag to get a list of related tweets. The best part of Twitter search is that you get the most updated topics on the web. Twitter is the best place to search for trending topics for news articles.

Feedly Reader      

Feedly Reader is also awesome place to discover blog topic ideas for a given domain. It is an RSS Feed Reader where you can sign up to get blog topic ideas in any industry. Compared to other RSS readers, Feedly is easy to use and hence a popular one. You just follow the new blogs that are uploaded in the Feedly by renowned writers and get inspiration from them create a new and unique blog topics.

Google Keyword Tool

Google is a big name in the internet word. Apart from being a great search engine, it also offers several tools for SEO and blogging. Likewise, Google Keyword Tool is a good platform to get ideas for blog topics. When you enter a keyword in the Google Keyword Tool, you will instantly get several topic ideas. You can also use this tool in conjunction with other topic generating tools.

Biz Sugar

Biz sugar is a platform where small and reputed businesses submit tips, advice, video, and blog posts within a given community. In fact, it is a great place to spread your content on the internet. The best thing about Biz Sugar is that it offers free memberships for the users. As it is a store house of great content, you can use this platform to get interesting and trending blog topics.

Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a part of search engine giant Google search. It makes the search process fast and provides a better search experience in the platform. Besides this, it also acts as a great Keyword tool. You just need to enter the keyword into the tool and it will take the keyword and plug it in to Google search box. It will then pull out autocomplete suggestions and presents hundreds of keywords.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Similar to Buzzsumo, Content explorer also have several blogs and articles in trending topics. Through content explorer, you can easily get an idea of the trending topics in the industry. You just need to follow the tool. Content explorer also stores social shares like other content aggregators. However, it offers additional services unlike other content aggregators like site explorer, position explorer, keywords explorer and more. More than anything, it is a great platform to keep yourself updated of the latest trend.

Now that you know major tools to generate blog topics, you are all set to build awesome blogs using trending topics like never before. Broaden your horizon and explore your blogging potential. You are just a few steps away from being a successful blogger.

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