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10 Best Money Making Apps for Android

Sep 08, 2021
10 Best Money Making Apps for Android

Many different apps pay when one uses them on Android phones. They are usually beneficial for people who have smartphones and strong internet connections and work from home. This article includes some of the ten best money-making apps for everyone.

Money making apps usually play a crucial role in improving one's money-making muscles. You don't need to be physically present at work, especially when you have an excellent Android phone and a proper internet connection where you can download the Android apps and make money through them.

Knowing the best apps that pay for Android may be quite challenging to many people. Many cannot believe the apps unless they get proper knowledge on the same. We shall discuss the best ten money-making apps for Android and know the pros and cons in each case. That will help anyone having a challenge in making money through android apps.

The top ten best money making apps include;

1. Sweatcoin- Walk step counter and tracker

Sweatcoin is an app you can use to earn digital currency through walking and gaining points that you can later redeem. The more you walk, the more you make. You can then buy some products from specific shops using the currency you saved.


  • Sweatcoin has got a counting steps accuracy of nearly a hundred percent.
  • One can use the redeemed currency in the marketplace apart from the selective shops.
  • It pays according to the number of steps you have daily.
  • The interactive action tracking function on the app tracks the movement.


You can get a list of shops allowing sweat coin to give out some discounts.


There are some irregular counting issues by users of old smartphones.

2. Google opinion reward

Google view award is one of the most reliable money-making apps many people trust and regard as the best platform for earning some credits, which you can adjust with real money for payment.


  • It has got easy questions that one has a choice to choose.
  • One receives the survey once a week from the survey maker teams. You can also receive many surveys in a week.
  • There are always a few simple questions to answer in the survey.
  • To start using the app, you should answer a few basic questions about yourself.


You can obtain 1$ in one survey and less than that I'm in a short survey.


The app is not available in many countries.

3. Rakuten: Getting cashback and saving on the shopping

Rakuten gives one many promo codes and coupons to buy items with discounts in many convenient shops. Hence one can get more deals and save money on the products they want to purchase daily.


  • It is a safe app; hence you cannot lose your money.
  • One can get a discount on products of different categories and brands.
  • It has a long list of products with high discounts and coupons.
  • It currently works with more than 2500 stores and shops.


There is an initial free coupon of 10$ as a welcome bonus for the new users.


The app operates slowly to some users.

4. Fiverr

It is a popular money-making app for Android used by many people as a working platform. People can also get an opportunity to grow their business and improve their preferred projects.


  • It uses credit deposits and PayPal for the money transfer system hence ensuring safety.
  • Qualified personnel is allowed to work in any category among the 400 and more working areas.
  • One can quickly get a project since there are over 11 million business projects.
  • There is a specific time limit for every project, and you have to obey the rules.


One can have direct contact with the client to discuss the deals and the projects.

5. StepBet

Steet can make you earn a reward for doing exercise as well as improve one's health. It provides various exercise goals where the players bet amongst themselves.


  • One can choose from the favorite category of exercise.
  • It works with most source device steps.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The procedure of joining the game is usually straightforward.


It is a risk-free app since one can get a full refund in the first week after canceling the betting. It also motivates people to do exercise, thus improving their health.


The customer's service response has recorded bad reports.

6. Upwork for freelance

It is the biggest platform for freelancers and clients where people use it to earn money by working from home. The freelance projects include WordPress handling, content creation, customer service, sales, website development, etc.


  • The app has seventy and more different working areas.
  • One can choose to be a client or a worker.
  • One has the opportunity to contact the client for payments directly.
  • There are many companies with various skills providing assignments for the workers.


It is safe and secure; hence, we rest assured of all the payments they have worked for except for the direct deposit commissions.

7. Robinhood

It is an investment and trading platform which many people use to make money. A complete stock market analysis helps marketers learn more about the stock market and earn from it.


  • One can use this app to get a direct paycheck and credits for trade and investment.
  • You can use the app in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.
  • There is the availability of options, stocks, and funds for investment and profitability.


One can enjoy a handsome amount of interest rates and get the percentage rates annually.


The app has poor customer care service.

8. Field Agent

It is a rewarding app for completing regular jobs like running a task, strolling, shopping in a store, etc.


It is simple and easy to get the reward money using the app. However, the jobs are usually on a first-come, first-serve; hence you have to check the app regularly.

9. Receipt scanner for reward

It is an android money-making app that is usually beneficial through real money for buying many products like household groceries.

10. Ibotta

On this money-making app, one has to check for cashback offers and a receipt picture of the shopping. It provides a good amount of money after creating an account as a welcoming reward, although there are usually some time limitations.


The above android apps mark the best ten money-making apps that are usually essential for making money online. People can use them as an investment platform and gain rewards through trading or other operations such as content writing, video graphics, etc., for payments. Before deciding on which app to use, you should ensure that it is legit and safe for you.

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