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5 Useful Mobile Apps to Grow Your Business Quickly
Jul 30,2020

5 Useful Mobile Apps to Grow Your Business Quickly

Running businesses have never been so easy. The technological advancements have contributed to the growth of both digital and traditional markets. Incorporating innovative technological tools into your marketing strategies and infrastructure can improve your working efficiency and quality simultaneously. You will see various companies such as branding agency Dubai, using several mobile applications to grow their businesses. Either it is your marketing process or merely a platform to bridge the communication gap between your co-workers, you can get it all done using a few popular mobile applications. Here is a list of top 5 mobile apps that can help your business grow effortlessly:

Social Media Applications:

Social media is ruling the world! Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, each of it contributes to the progress of the business's growth by making the marketing process more convenient and practical. From simply creating an account on a social media platform to hiring a social media influencer/blogger to promote your brand, you have many options to choose from. Since it is an age of digitalization, and people are more inclined to shop online to save their time, social media marketing can help your business grow more effectively and efficiently. Social media apps are must-haves for business ventures these days.


Either your business venture has a proper setup and office, or all your team members are working remotely. You will need a platform where all team members can communicate in an organized manner, and that is where slack comes into play. Slack was mainly designed to be used by companies. It organizes conversations between the team members, and one can easily find the attached files or links instead of scrolling through all of them. Either it is a private conversation or a group chat, slack is the best-known platform to make communication easy.


You might be wondering that why LinkedIn wasn't mentioned in the social media apps; the sole reason is that this, the platform is a must-have for businesses. You can choose between Facebook or Instagram, but with LinkedIn, you haven't got a choice. It is the best-known app for professional networking. You can keep track of your old team members or can also have a look at the networking of your rivals. Moreover, you can find new employees too. It is readily available for all operating systems, and you can even use if on your browser.

Rescue Time:

It can be hard to keep an eye on employees to keep track of their work progress or see what they are up to the whole time. In times of Covid-19, when everyone is working from home, you as an owner cannot boss around; rescue time can be a boss at home for each of your employees. It keeps track of whatever is being done during the working hours by keeping a record of all the websites being accessed and whatever is being done on the PC. This is the best-known app to help to increase the working efficiency of the employees, which in turn contributes to the growth of your business.


The most challenging task when you are running your business is to keep things organized. Scheduling meetings, meeting project deadlines altogether can be tiresome, and you often feel a need to hire an assistant to remember all of it. However, if you can't afford to have an assistant, then you will surely need to install Calendly. It is a web and mobile application that can help you organize your busy life, keep track of all critical events, and be notified about them timely. Moreover, it can assist in scheduling your meetings with clients, employees, etc. by finding your free slots.


Mobile applications have become vital to the progress of the business. The new methods of marketing or communication are more comfortable and cost-effective than traditional ones. All you need is an app and account to get started. The technological progressions are rapidly changing the trends related to marketing or business infrastructure. To keep up with this evolution, you are bound to make the most of these technological tools. Choose the app that best suits your needs and let your business thrive!

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