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5 Essential Features of Magento that boost eCommerce Store Sales

5 Essential Features of Magento that boost eCommerce Store Sales

A continuously evolving phenomenon, eCommerce or electronic platform continues to grow. In the United States alone, there are over 86,000 active websites using the platform, second only to WooCommerce. Magento development services continue to soar high.

Today, more than sixty percent of online buyers use their mobile phones to put orders or purchase products and services. Nowadays, an owner of an online store acknowledges the power that Magento brings to the eCommerce websites. Digital marketing has turned up to be one of the most effective ways of promoting products as well as services online. The platform is renowned for keeping the mobile web design standards.

Both free and enterprise versions integrate HTML5 for mobile shopping maximization. An eCommerce shop accordingly is always optimized. Mobile Magento establishes a brand experience for consumers that are fulfilling, using their smartphones and mobile devices for anytime, anywhere accessibility.

Running a successful online store of course would need a better understanding of factors that influence the behaviors of web customers, changing the trends in marketing and what existing customers expect from the shop. Magneto is an exceptional CMS or content management system for eCommerce solutions. Magento marketing services provide a plethora of built-in functions and features to help build a Magento web store that is highly interactive.

As one of the leading open source platforms these days, Magento comes packed with numerous features. With top Magento extensions combined, an online store is able to accomplish the requirements in the best way. eCommerce stores boost their sales with the help of the Magento platform.

With a combination of all the best Magento extensions, an online shop could fulfill its requirements in the best possible way.


  1. Speed up the Magento Store- The speed of the eCommerce site is a critical factor that determines usability, accessibility and visibility of an online shop. Google, as a matter of fact, prefer websites that load 2-3 seconds, rather than take longer to load. There are many powerful performance optimization extensions to the platform, including Speed Optimization, Speed Extension, among others that could hasten the Magento shop.

  2. Promote products on the Homepage- There are numerous tips and tricks that could be used for engaging website visitors. One of the best is to add new or popular products on the homepage. It’s a wonderful way of promoting products to the target audience as well as new customers. This feature helps visitors know what makes a store stand out from the competition. Consider Amazon for instance, which features numerous products on their homepage and changes them regularly to encourage visitors to buy again and again.

  3. Simplifying the checkout process- To boost sales, make certain that customers do not abandon their shopping carts during checkout. Most of the time, shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to time-consuming and complicated checkout process, which could affect the user experience and discourage the sales of a store. Avoid this with an intuitive, simple and fast checkout process for customers. The checkout extension creates a user-friendly checkout extension, merging the six steps of the checkout process into one step for a richer shopping experience.

  4. Free Shipping- The free shipping option draws more and more customers to make a purchase. This in turn could boost sales and provides the web store an edge over the competition. As a matter of fact, customers add more items to shopping carts when there is a free shipping option.

  5. Provide multiple payment options- A web store owner should make sure to provide customers a secure, safe and user-friendly shopping experience. This is made possible by offering numerous online payment options to generate better results. Rather than providing a one payment option, consider PayPal and credit card, along with other options for more convenience. Every country has different checkout and payment options, thus when selling globally, there should be multiple payment options, with the use of the best Magento extension.

Magento is an all-inclusive platform for eCommerce that’s designed to house an entire online presence. The user interface of a website seamlessly blends with the shopping UX. From the back-end, the platform is able to manage inventory, sales and customers. The eCommerce platform could handle complex types of products. Whether products are simple or complex, Magento has been designed to support the requirements. Customer group pricing, tiered pricing, multiple currencies, shopping cart rules and almost unlimited attributes provide the platform the power to present any product virtually.

Magento is open source, and thus it’s free. Although there are other platforms, Magento is highly regarded as the most SEO-friendly platform available in the market today. Besides having rich features, it also offers users unparalleled flexibility for managing looks, content and functionality. Moreover, it provides an ultimate eCommerce solution that has a robust blend of design that’s highly scalable and a great range of support network.

eCommerce solutions powered by Magento offer a better experience to all, from developers, shop administrators to end users. Through the years, the platform has evolved into an eCommerce solution that is feature-rich, with prepackaged essential tools to build a web store. Because it’s extremely popular, there is a great community of merchants, store owners, designers, developers, agencies, tech solution providers and end users all over the world who discuss the platform in great detail.

The community ensures that the eCommerce platform continues to be updated, reliable, secure, fast and bug-free. The wonderful thing about the community is the welcoming nature, which makes every newcomer feel at home immediately. Without a doubt, Magento is an amazing development platform that helps create highly-interactive, beautiful online stores.

Magento makes every online shop accessible and user-friendly. Cooperative, transparent relationship with the community is one of the major factors for success of any business. Certainly, the platform knows this very well. Magento has plenty of functionalities that help developers build the perfect store. Tools ease out the concerns of product showcase, managing discounts, online transactions and many more. It outperforms the competition. Without hesitation, Magento could provide customers a reason to shop over and over again.  

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