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Correct Uses of Long-Form Content vs Short-Form Content

Correct Uses of Long-Form Content vs Short-Form Content

When creating content, some key things should be kept in mind. Whatever you decide to create needs to be compelling and invite visitors to read on and engage with your content. With this in mind, long-form content can be used to tell your products story however it is not always entirely appropriate. When setting out to create long form content you need to keep a few things in mind and recognise when and how it should be used.

With inbound marketing only rapidly increasing, competition to create well researched and written content has only become more competitive.

Quantity And Quality

When deciding whether to create long form content it’s important to factor in the following; what is it you are trying to achieve and what do you want your visitors to know. “Research shows that creating longer form, quality content, ranks higher than content that is significantly shorter” writes Douglas Jenkins, tech writer at Essayroo and Essay Services. “People want to learn more and if you can create long engaging content it will pay off in the long run. Significant information on a specific area and in-depth knowledge will create a want for more and so people will return to your website for more material.” Long form content has more information while shorter content can be made more specific, there are benefits for both but to inform the reader longer content should be chosen.


As we mentioned, writing content with industry knowledge will create a want for more of that specific content. When you continue to write about a specific area and become known for that, people will begin to visit your site more often as you will become trusted. That’s why its crucial to build a team who have in depth knowledge and resources. When you create longer form content that is well researched visitors will trust you and will value your reliability. By continuing to create longer form content you are known as the experts on that particular subject. Long form content can translate into in-depth guides and other informational services.

Improved SEO

Using keywords and including both internal and external links can all lead to increased search engine optimization. While using links and specific words can be used with short-form content and sometimes can work better for getting your point across, using long form content is equally if not more helpful for SEO. By using long form content you can include additional keywords and inbound links, this will increase your chance for higher rankings on google search. With longer content more backlinks and organic traffic is also created, leading to your site being visited frequently.

Social Media Success

Success is everything, but having success takes time. Creating successful content can be achieved through both long-form and short-form content. Getting your visitors to share this content via social media platforms will increase your chance of success significantly. That’s why its integral to make your content shareable. Having visitors share links whether its via Linkdin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook increases inbound links, these links will again drive traffic back to your website and increase new visitors. Longer-form content will differentiate you from other similar websites, this can be done with shorter content but having long content will increase specific knowledge and visitors will want to share content that has authority. Remember to not just rely on other reposting your content, as soon as you create this long-form content share it through all your social channels.


With creating any content, sharing it through social channels is integral for SEO and increased traffic. “Choosing to create longer-form content can lead to campaigns and other ads being promoting, depending on what you choose to create, with longer content there can be more experimentation” writes Rosa Compton, content manager at State Of Writing and SimpleGrad. “That’s because when you create longer form content, it’s easier to promote. There is increased specific knowledge contained within longer-formed particular content.” Creating content that is filled with in depth knowledge that contains specific details will add to your authority being increased. This longer content can be promoted better when it is engaging and filled with well researched knowledge.

Katherine Rundell is an up-and-coming marketing strategist, writer and editor. She has been involved in a number of several high-profile marketing campaigns at Academized and Best Writing Services. You can find her featured at Top Essay Services.

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