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Live Chat vs Chatbot: which one to prefer for best Customer Experience

Jan 22, 2021
Live Chat vs Chatbot: which one to prefer for best Customer Experience

Day in day out, various employees work to provide the most robust online platforms for assistance and general contact for customers. The way companies communicate and interact with consumers has been changed by artificial intelligence (AI). Present companies are increasingly transitioning from transactional partnerships to communicative ones.

While incorporating a chat option into your web presence, you have two popular options, namely a chatbot and another one is live chat.

But, which one is best for customer experience and business?

It has been a demanded question for quite a while and is still unanswered. This is why we have come up with this blog.

In this blog, we’ve compared both the methods, along with their pros and cons. But first, let’s start with the basics,

What is Chatbot?

The digital assistant, chatbot, or functionally talking is an automated software designed to communicate with humans. Businesses from distinctive industries use chatbots for a vast range of purposes these days, whether it’s strengthening customer service, helping consumers explore their applications, or collecting data from leads

Moving on, let’s discuss,

Pros of using a chatbot

Cons of using a chatbot

  • Easy to set-up.
  • Simple to build.
  • Easy to train.
  • Saves Money.
  • Lacks context.
  • Prospects more likely prefer customer care executives.
  • Lack of decision-making capabilities.
  • Not scalable.

Okay, but,

What is live chat?

Live chat is an efficient customer service program of actual people seated and addressing the user’s questions with live assistance. Live Chat Agents allow messaging services and have a remarkable ability to become an unparalleled forum for discussion and help for users.

Moving on, let’s discuss,

Pros of Live Chat

Cons of Live Chat

  • It helps to boost conversion.
  • Offers a personalized level of support.
  • Prospects prefer Human Interaction more.
  • Are not flawless.
  • Leads to lackluster assistance.
  • Costly compared to chatbots.

Moving on, let’s move forward and compare both methods.

Chatbot VS Live Chat: which one is best?

Aspect #1. Scalability

In the Live Chat vs. Chatbot discussion, maybe the most evident distinction would be that chatbots are so much simpler to handle and scale. You have to hire a workforce working behind the computers for a Live Chat to address problems immediately.

Sales representatives could require time to process even more users triggering a Live Chat, based on the talking scale. Remember that a Live Chat assistant can only respond at the moment with a restricted series of interactions.

Chatbots whereas are developed to accommodate numerous discussions continuously and react rapidly, increasing employee communications as necessary.

Aspect #2: Cost

The chatbot method is highly a more considerable initial investment than live chat systems. However, as chatbots use far fewer resources, it might function out much more cost-effectively in the long run. You shouldn’t need to recruit more agents because chatbots don’t need call center employees, so you can reduce costs correlated with teaching current operatives to use a new contact platform.

Although live chat may not have been just as cost-effective as chatbots, saving money will still benefit you. Live chat is 17 percent to 30 percent cheaper for businesses than phone conversations, as per Forrester Research reports. Also, live chat representatives could still perform multiple tasks and manage various chats simultaneously on average, allowing fewer representatives to work with more clients instead.

Aspect #3: response/react time

It’s relatively straightforward. And you’ll have a committed person who sits on the desk, working on the computer and waiting for a client to ask questions. Live Chats will not surpass chatbots in reaction time. Under no space, chatbots respond to a question, which is why it is most favored whenever it comes to immediate response. Although users don’t want to wait for the replies, reacting to users really soon ought to be your focus, and that’s only feasible with chatbots any moment.

Aspect #4: Implementation

Live Chat - On the site, they are relatively easy to incorporate or use across platforms like Instant Messaging. They’re simple to be using. It’s hard, indeed, to have someone log on all day and react promptly. It is quick to bring live chats into motion. That’s the most challenging part of getting a plan that helps them to keep going.

Chatbot - The far more sophisticated the robot is, the more challenging it is to create. However, the greater the customer’s experience is. You should be concerned about your services and your user's FAQs before developing a chatbot for your business. Will it respond to commonly asked questions, or could it sustain a genuine user discussion?

Aspect #5: Capability and Availability

Your organization may have fixed hours, but clients and the services they require will not. At any time of each day, queries and concerns will arise. Are you happy to have someone handle them to support time frames or even have opening times for your live chat?

If nobody is in the workplace, then there is a fair risk that the discussion will not be involved. But that is where it plays an excellent role for a chatbot. The whole day, nearly every day, the chatbots are functional. A survey found that 83 percent of online shoppers wanted help throughout online shopping, depending on the time, and these users would also appreciate getting good customer service in a B2B sense.

Aspect #6. Personalization     

During that point, there seems to be a tie between chatbots and live chat. Extemporaneously, Live Conversations may be more customized. However, if your live chat platform cannot store past customer chat records, each moment they start a new conversation with you, repeat customers will get a fresh experience. Speaking about chatbots, an intelligent chatbot could record past chat data and analyze it to start more chats. A smart chatbot was emphasized since it is only feasible with advanced AI-powered chatbots.

The conclusion would be that you wouldn’t have to teach your team in Live Chats to deliver customization in the discussion. But you’ll have to collect data, which, relative to chatbots, is a little challenging in Live Chats. It’s easy to collect data with chatbots, but you’ll have to include an intelligent AI chatbot and practice it very well.

Closing words

Chatbots and live chat are indeed fantastic chat platforms that would give your company, call centers, and websites many perks. These can enhance consumers’ experience, improve leads and sales, minimize costs, and provide a timely response. Human-to-human connections with live discussion can never be substituted to give consumers the best experiences. In contrast, the reliability of chatbots in terms of value and efficiency provides a company with a huge benefit.

To conclude, we hope through this blog you got the answer to the best chat solution. If it does, then do share it and let us know any suggestions by commenting down below.

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