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What Are Instagram Story Highlights and Why Do You Need Them? A Closer Look

What Are Instagram Story Highlights and Why Do You Need Them? A Closer Look

Putting up an Instagram Story is a fantastic way to provide all your Instagram followers with fresh content. But unfortunately, an Instagram Story will only last for 24 hours before it disappears.

This often discourages some Instagram users from wanting to put up an Instagram Story in the first place. What's the point when an Instagram Story isn't going to last for a long enough time?

It's a valid argument! But you should know that you can also take advantage of Instagram Story Highlights. Discover what an Instagram Highlight is and why you need to start using Instagram Highlights below.

What Are Instagram Story Highlights?

After an Instagram Story has been up on your Instagram account for 24 hours, it'll disappear. Or at least, it'll disappear unless you choose to turn it into an Instagram Story Highlight.

Instagram Story Highlights are Instagram Stories that have been saved directly to an Instagram user's account under a certain category. Unlike a regular Instagram Story, Instagram Story Highlights won't disappear until you take them down. You can keep them on your Instagram profile for as long as you would like.

How Can You Create Instagram Story Highlights?

If you're interested in creating Instagram Story Highlights, it's not difficult to do it. You should be able to figure out how to do it within just minutes.

First, you'll need to come up with a list of categories that will work for your Instagram Story Highlights. These categories can include things like "Events," "Adventures," or "Sports."

From there, all you'll need to do is locate the Story Highlights section on your Instagram profile and begin adding Instagram Story Highlights to your different categories. You should be able to come up with all kinds of cool Highlight ideas.

Why Do You Need to Use Instagram Story Highlights?

You should use Instagram Story Highlights for one very simple reason: Because if you don't, you'll essentially be throwing away great content. Your Instagram Stories will go to waste just 24 hours after you post them.

Rather than letting them go unwatched, you should put them back into rotation through the use of Instagram Story Highlights. It'll provide people with more content to consume when they're looking at your social media contributions.

It would be worth exploring Instagram Story Highlights to see how they could help you gain more followers, likes, and comments.

Give Instagram Story Highlights a Try Today

Now that you know a little bit more about Instagram Story Highlights, why not give them a shot? You might be surprised to see effective they can be for your Instagram account.

You'll be more likely to use Instagram Stories when you know that you'll be able to showcase Stories on Instagram Story Highlights later. It'll make you wish that you had started using Instagram Story Highlights so much sooner.

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