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The Best Ways To Use Instagram Giveaways To Build Email List
Jun 17,2020

The Best Ways To Use Instagram Giveaways To Build Email List

If you want to build your email list, then one of the best ways to do so is by using Instagram giveaways. This is a process that is most common and popular among marketers and different major brands. The factors that make giveaways a massively successful campaign includes:

  • It allows the brands to get new customers and
  • It helps them to boost their sales.

It also helps them to grow their social media following, traffic to their website, and, most important, build their email lists.

Therefore, an Instagram giveaway will be highly beneficial for your business to promote it across a broader audience using social media platforms and emails.

The different benefits that are provided by Instagram giveaway campaigns are typically based on the beneficial features of Instagram itself that currently has more than a billion users. These features help the brands:

  • Build higher brand awareness
  • Create a desire among the followers for their products
  • Develop their dedicated community of customers
  • Generate more leads with common interests for their brand and
  • Create more exposure for their brand and product with greater reach, instantly

With a targeted audience, the brands can boost their followers on Instagram within a short period through the Instagram giveaways.

About Instagram giveaways

An Instagram giveaway is a marketing process that enables the brands to create hype about their brand among the followers. allowing them to avail it by signing up to their email list serves a dual purpose such as:

  • Raise the encouragement and engagement among the followers and
  • Build their email list comprehensively and quickly.

The process is straightforward, wherein you have to ask the followers to furnish their email addresses to win the prize. This, they will readily do, since you are not asking for any entry fees in return for providing the giveaway.

Most of the major brands have been hosting giveaways and contests all the time in all ways possible such as:

  • At their physical stores
  • Online through their websites and now it is
  • Instagram.

However, if you want to gain the best results, you will have to create a proper plan to go about your process. This plan should include:

  • Choosing a goal
  • Selecting a prize
  • Promoting your giveaway campaign and
  • Integrating it with your email marketing.

Therefore, Instagram can help you to build your email list with this simple concept of asking them to enter the contest by providing their email address, picking out the winner at random, and sponsoring a prize.

Tricks for a successful campaign

You will find many ways to develop a successful Instagram giveaway campaign that will help you to build your email list when you visit sites like or any other for that matter.

  • One of the most effective tricks is to offer a prize that will attract more subscribers that are highly qualified, which by itself is a tricky process. You must make sure that the prize is useful and appealing to a broader set of audiences and share it all across the web. You must create a delicate balance by offering something that has a substantial market value, and people are familiar with it. Therefore, choose your prize wisely.
  • The other good way to develop your giveaway campaign is to leverage the self-interest of the people rather than your own. This means that you must make your Instagram followers think that they have a better chance of winning the giveaway if fewer people know about it. When it acts against their self-interest, it will be detrimental to your campaign.

Therefore, treat your giveaway as your investment that will give your promotion the desired momentum.

Turning Instagram followers into subscribers

These are the five easy steps that, when followed, will help you to change your Instagram followers into your email list subscribers.

  • Finding something to give away that is irresistible for your followers, such as a coaching call, a discount coupon, or one of your products. This will not only find the right people, but they will also engage with you.
  • Crafting an appealing post on Instagram to tell about the giveaway through your Instagram Stories.
  • Telling them how to enter and win the giveaway and point them towards the direct message button and even add a few emojis for that matter.
  • Giving some time for the giveaway campaign to take off and posting reminders on your Instagram feed, especially on the last day.

In the end, all you have to do is pick the winner and email the new list to inform them that they have won and what they need to do now to win the prize. Also, send a broadcast email congratulating the winner as well as thanking everyone who participated in the campaign.

Track and analyze the data collected

When you are done with the campaign, do not just relax or be complacent and expect to get an enormous boost to your sales just like that. Instead, monitor the data collected so that you can identify the good leads apart from the winner. You must also find what is working for you and what is not. Perhaps you will also get an idea of whether or not you should keep your giveaway campaign open for a longer time, depending on the number and quality of leads generated.

Therefore, the key here is to find out what and how your campaign is converting Instagram followers into your email subscribers. If it is really working, then you can open it up for newer audiences. Just get the data of your first campaign right and keep it doing over and over again like clockwork.

Summing it up

To get your Instagram giveaway campaign right, you will need to make two crucial decisions.

  • One, you must use the right tracking links so that you can quantify the monetary return your giveaway efforts.
  • Two, you should maintain constant communication with all the entrants through emails and Facebook.

This will not only raise the trust and number of email subscribers but will also increase your revenue.

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