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How to choose your business name using the Copywrite checker tool
Jun 16,2020

How to choose your business name using the Copywrite checker tool

Why is the name of your business an important factor?

Your name of the business is probably the most valuable commodity of the business. It shows the credibility of the business. Finding a good name for your business that attracts the consumer as well as shows the thought behind the business can be a tricky task. You want to select a name that will last and, if necessary, represent both your beliefs and the distinctive features of your company.

But monitoring long name list entries with a focus team consisting of friends and relatives may yield varying results. Likewise, a labeling firm will ask questions to learn more about your background and what's special about you — aspects that you want to convey to clients. One thing that the creator of Tungsten Branding, a naming firm based in Brevard, North Carolina, Phillip Davis, asks business owners is "would you like to fit in or stand out?".

It just sounds straightforward. Who wouldn't want to take a firm stance? But Davis describes that some companies, often those in investment banking or consulting, are so particularly worried about gaining credibility in their field that they will give up an artsy or attention-getting name. However, in most situations, consumers want to stand out and that's a safer choice when looking at your long-term objectives.

The businesses who say, 'I just want to get my foot in the door' typically start hoping they'd stood out after they've crossed the first hurdle."

Larger firms, too, can turn up with bad names but for a variety of reasons. "This is the reason why bigger firms end up with names that are mild, concise, and flat."

Copywrite tools for selecting the business name

Since it is such a troublesome task to select a business name, there are a few tips and tools that you can utilize to get a good name for your business. There are plenty of online programs called plagiarism checker or copy write checkers. These tools or programs provide really good services in terms of giving you the choice that the name you are selecting is not being already used. A significant factor to bear in mind when selecting a company's name is to test that it is easy to establish an online marketing strategy for the brand, we must not neglect that the Internet is currently one of the foundations of every business' success.

Here we share a number of web tools that you will find helpful in selecting the ideal name for your business, entrepreneurial activity, start-up, or business considering the availability of domain names and patterns on the internet.

1. Plagiarism checker by Prepost SEO

While using this plagiarism checker you only have to enter a word or words to use this name checker and it provides potential business names. The feature will also identify the domain names for each feasible business name that is usable. This program is not installable.

You can add the content of which the plagiarism is needed to be checked. Click the green button. The tool will check for any content or material that is already present on the internet. The great feature about this is that it is absolutely free. Considering the free of cost feature it provides the best possible services regarding copywriting.


It is another online tool benefitting the teachers, students, and, business owners equally. This online plagiarism detection program is completely free for users however, the premium version is also available with a lot of more options. It can be used to check for plagiarism for numerous other uses or one reason only.

It is very user friendly and quick, giving immediate results (in seconds). It offers complete and quick evaluation by either pasting the content or uploading content. Registering, which is free, is recommended for regular writers.

3. Duplichecker

This program to check plagiarism is a must-have for everyone. It is great for checking business names along with the usual academic purposes. You will not ask to download the software. It completely scans the input document and checks for plagiarism, spelling mistakes and errors. You can scan up to 250 kinds of errors.

 It is very helpful in assessing the vocabulary of an author and is assumed to enhance one's writing quality instantly. There is also the alternative of either using the premium version or free version. Along with the added benefit of plagiarism checking features, it can also be used for business names.

4. PlagTracker

This free program offers limitless word limit checking and comprehensive scanned reporting of work, which is then submitted through email. However, the plagiarism checker does have some disadvantages. Documents can last up to 30 minutes in the waiting line so the results are not instantaneous.

They were also evaluated as not totally correct and should therefore not have to be 100% reliance on them. Its options are scant so it's reasonable to cross-check with another program to confirm the results. Efficiency can be maintained by using an additional feature such as IThenticate, which is only available for 1000 words provided free and will then you have to pay for it. However, the tool is perfect to test the business names.

5. Plagscan

This is a convenient way to tackle plagiarism, rapidly and correctly. It not only checks content on the internet but also on existing records. It makes several document uploads. You don't have to download anything on your computer, because all you really need is a web browser and a good connection to the internet. Plagscan has a trial version limited to new subscribers.

6. Copyleaks

You can scanentire website in an easy and convenient way by using this plagiarism detector. It allows various formats of files and different languages. It's a bit restrictive, because it checks only for content online. It has an optional Android app, and is available in several languages. Free user provider is limited to ten pages a month and only 250 characters per page.

There's a range of premium options for heavy consumers to select from. CopyLeaks is heard to become a premium service, which means a time may come when it won't be coming for free anymore.

7. Plagiarisma

This plagiarism detector tool can be used on Windows, Blackberry, Android and on the web by simply downloading the software. This application has characteristics that encourage more than 190 native languages. Unlike the free platform which constrains a user to a maximum of 3 scans a day, the paid version provides unlimited scans. This software provides various services, such as rewriting of an article.


The above mentioned multiple online tools for copywriting can be easily used for business names. They can check the plagiarized content very convincingly. Interestingly and the most convenient feature is that most of them cannot be downloaded therefore, very easy to use.

Each software to check plagiarism has certain distinctive properties. It has its benefits, and its disadvantages as well. Depending on your requirements there is a large range to choose from. It's wise to know the various checkers of plagiarism before having to settle for one. Some of the online programs have their limitations therefore, often a better option is the premium services.

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