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12 Smart Ways to Engage and Grow Your Instagram Followers

Jul 11,2018
12 Smart Ways to Engage and Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms by companies, bloggers, or any individual. This modern channel of promotion will not only increase your popularity, but also increase the sales volume of your products. But it gets too difficult for the beginners to achieve the first 10 thousand followers. After that, you are deemed as popular which attracts more followers. However, if you want to cross this hurdle then the tips listed below will help you get the desired count of followers in few months!

 1. Instagram for Business

Instagram business accounts help you analyze your performance by indicating the number of vies. Also, it tells you the exact time to post your stories or articles in order to grab the attention of more viewers. So opt for the business account and use it absolutely free of cost!

 2. First Impression

A single exceptional video or post might attract audience to visit your profile, but if you want them to follow you then ensure that your account looks captivating. The posts must be well-organized in order to appease the viewers. Thematic profiles will create a great first impression on the viewers. So make a pretty looking profile and fetch followers.  

 3. Highlight Stories

Remember that according to the latest trends, Instagram stories are loved by all! If you want more followers on your Instagram account, then ensure that you create stories that are highly charming. Also bear in mind that through the explore tab, the users who are not following you on Instagram, can also check out your stories. Add hashtags and geotags to come in the view of the users which in turn will surely increase your followers.

 4. It’s about Customers

While posting stories on Instagram, you must keep in mind that your activities on the social network should be aligned to the preferences of the targeted customers. Once you identify your niche, create posts that would be beneficial for the customers, and this trick will soar up the count of your followers.

 5. Add Location

Instagram has option to tag the location of the places that the users are visiting. If your company has a physical store then make sure that your Instagram profile displays it. Also, encourage the visitors and customers to tag the location of your company while posting status on Instagram. Often, geotags are used by the Instagram users to find places to visit in the particular location, so your company will be flashed once they are searching for your location. And as we know, more views attract more followers and this time, customers too!

 6. Use Relevant Hashtags

It goes without saying that hashtags are the most popular feature of Instagram! This makes it necessary to use relevant ones which would increase your number of followers rapidly. Beginners can use hashtags by searching for the ones that are popular in your company’s niche. Once you get the hang of it, get experimental and create your own hashtags. What you should avoid doing is randomly giving innumerable hashtags which makes your post look clumsy. You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post to optimize the benefits.

 7. Promote

If you are a company, it can be correctly presumed that your marketing team use print media channels for advertising your products along with social media marketing. So insert your company’s hashtags on the content of the advertisements so that the people on social media know which ones to use to post stories or follow your company on Instagram. Remember that cross promotions are one of the most efficient methods of increasing your count of followers.

 8. Engagement Groups

How do some of your competitors get more followers while it’s being difficult for you to achieve that stature? They do it by being a part of engagement groups that has major impact on the users of Instagram. However, there are certain rules that you must follow while joining the engagement groups. Being a beginner, of course you will be willing to join the largest groups, but do not go that route. Instead, find your own niche and join such engagement groups. You will get many followers who are interested in your domain and are more likely to purchase products from your company too! It will be better if you follow their fan pages and accounts as a positive gesture to develop relationships with the engagement group members.

 9. Customer Photos

If you have physical stores and customers pour in to them, then surely they click pictures. Entice or request them to share these pictures on your Instagram account. Even if you have an online store, you can still ask your customers to share pictures with your products once they receive the delivery. This tactic is beneficial to influence the other users of Instagram to follow your account and purchase your products.

 10. Customer Expectation

Create your own themes while posting on Instagram. Manipulate your customers to expect what you are displaying to them through your Instagram account. Make the themes so unique that the viewers can recognize it’s your company’s post by having a look at them. Also, post at similar hours so that your followers know when and what to expect from your account. Once you gain their trust, they will begin reposting your stories or tagging their friends, driving more traffic to your Instagram account. So the trick is to simply be consistent to get more followers!

 11. Influencers

The influencers influence the decisions of the customers that you wish to target. So identify the influencers from your niche and follow them. Also, click on the button which sends a notification when these influencers post something. Comment on their stories to develop relationships with the influencers. Once that is achieved, they will promote your account to their own followers which in turn will increase your count of followers.

 12. Giveaways

Giveaways or contests are the best method to captivate the audience and increase followers on your Instagram account. The eligibility of these can be kept as following your account, tagging friends, reposting the stories, etc. All the tactics will result in increased followers on your account as the audience would be lured to do the same to participate in the contests and receive giveaways.

Social media marketing might sound like an easy concept but once you delve into it, there are various challenges that you need to overcome. Use the best features of Instagram to increase followers dramatically on your account. The tricks are simple to adapt whereas their results are exceptional!

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