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10 Proven Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers in 2018

10 Proven Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers in 2018

Pinterest is renowned for improving your online presence dramatically. Survey suggests that 87 percent of the Pinterest followers purchase products from your company.  Therefore, it’s evident that increasing your followers is too important for enhancing revenue. But are you worried that even after being present for a long while on Pinterest, you’re not being followed by many? You must have used techniques that tell you that follow others to get followed, however, in vain. Wondering what is amiss? This article gives you 10 tested ways of increasing your followers in no time!

1. Profile Widget

 Profile widget and follow button serve similar purpose on Pinterest. But profile widgets display 30 of your latest pins which would attract more audience and increase your followers on Pinterest. So select the default setting on widget builder or create customized widget by clicking on “select your own”.

 2. Follow Followers of Competitors

One of the smart tactics to gain more followers on Instagram is by following the viewers who follow your competitors. By this, their followers will get to know about your company and products. It is likely that if they follow other accounts from the same niche, they will follow your account too. Search with keywords pertaining to the domain of your company, and start following their followers to see dramatic increase in our own number of followers.

 3. Sections

If you are a regular user of Pinterest, then it is correct to assume that you have too many pins and boards. With the new feature of Pinterest, you can create sections within your board so that the viewers can look at the categories and easily find the pins that they like. Attract more viewers with an organized Pinterest account!

 4. Hashtags and Keywords

Keywords are extremely important when you need to increase your followers on Pinterest. Your post needs to possess SEO friendly keywords and hashtags so that most of the users search for them and get to see your pins. You want to come in the view of more audience, so use the suggestions given by Pinterest while creating your hashtags. Remember that the keywords and the hashtags can magically increase your followers so use them smartly!

 5. Pinterest Contest

Contests are the opportunities that are grabbed by the audience. You can entice them with rewards on participating and winning the contests so that they will follow you on Pinterest. Running these contests is not an easy task, therefore, take assistance from apps like Wishpond or Woobox.

Wishpond does your task of creating entry galleries where the voters can pin for their favourite boards or pins. Wishpond also customizes your landing page and keeps a tab on the views. It also allows you to share entry forms on other social media platforms. The personal information shared by the applicants and the voters allow you to contact them later on and enhance your customer base.

Woobox serve multidimensional purpose of managing a Pinterest contest. It sets up the eligibility for entrants who primarily require following you on Pinterest. It stores e-mail address of the audience as they fill the entry forms or vote. It also helps you create HTML entry forms further easing tour tasks. Opt for the free trial and then use it for conducting contests if you like it.

6. Promoted Pins

Promoting your company using Pinterest would be smooth if you have a business account on Pinterest. It will allow you to create ads and run them on Pinterest. The ads ensure more followers due to its wide reach.

7. Use Infographics

Infographics are cool, precise, and informative. So it goes without saying that they are much liked by the audience. They are basically texts written in a pictorial format along with captivating designs or charts. This visual appeal of Infographics attracts the viewers 30 times more than the normal texts or pins. So maximize your followers by using viral infographics as your pins.

8. A/B Test

At the end of the day you are posting for the targeted audience. One way to do it is to understand what is preferred by the audience. Test your pins to see which one resonates with the users. A/B test asks you to create a maximum of 4 pins for a single post. To get the best results, make sure that these pins are much different from one another. Now wait for a while to identify the performance of each of these pins, to know what appeals to the audience.

9. Tailwind Tribes

If you are using Pinterest for digital marketing, then you surely use Tailwind to manage your task and accounts. One more aspect of Tailwind is the Tailwind Tribe that gives you platform to collaborate and communicate with various users of Pinterest. So be a part of a tribe from your niche and follow the rules of the community to frequently increase your count of followers.

10. Influencers

Social media influencers are an effective way to get more followers. The influencers have many of their own followers and if the influencers follow your account or post your pins, then their followers will also be inspired to do so. Once you have the influencers follow you, praise you, or repin your posts, simply relax and see your numbers of followers increase exponentially.

Implementation of these features along with sophisticated pins with visual effects will entice users to follow your pins and boards. Be cautious while selecting your strategies and remember that unique pins will always help you reach unimaginable heights!

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