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Which Small Piece of Technology is Making Big Difference to Companies

Sep 05,2020
Which Small Piece of Technology is Making Big Difference to Companies

Business leaders are always looking for ways to improve the time-efficiency and cost-efficiency of their organisation, so they can optimise productivity and reduce overheads, increasing their overall profit. As such, many people turn to technology for a solution. However, it’s important to avoid being lured into a false economy by gimmicks that don’t do all that much to benefit your organisation. Instead, we recommend investing in some tech which is already being used across the world and shows definitive results. And what is this nifty piece of technology you ask? Well, it’s identification cards. Keep reading to find out how these tiny devices are making a big difference to businesses everywhere.

Improving Security

ID cards are first and foremost used to improve the security levels of an organisation. This is important for several different reasons. For starters, poor security leads to more stock or money being stolen, resulting in an overall drop in profit for your organisation. Secondly, if your company deals with important documents from clients, and these documents are taken, then you could have a court case on your hands. Finally, good safety measures help to build the trust of your employees and clientele. ID cards improve security by making sure only authorised personnel can enter your business premises. They can also monitor who has entered the premises and at what time, helping businesses prevent internal theft. An example of organisations that use ID cards to their advantage is universities. With them, universities monitor who has accessed what resources (such as library books) whilst ensuring the safety of their students, which is of paramount importance.

Vending and Ticketing

ID cards can also be used for vending or ticketing systems, making these processes quicker and easier than ever before. This is especially true now that most ID cards and their readers are completely contactless. To demonstrate how they can be used for vending and/or ticketing, let’s look at a working example. The subway system in Glasgow offers people a smart card which they can deposit credit into. Using this credit, they can simply tap their smart card on a reader and be granted access to the transport facility, significantly reducing queues during peak travel hours. Essentially, ID cards are perfect for secure vending and ease of transactions.

Versatile Applications

You can repurpose your ID cards to suit whatever your organisation’s needs might be. For instance, leisure centres give their members ID cards so they can easily access the facilities without a member of staff monitoring the front desk. Retailers, on the other hand, might use them for loyalty schemes. Drugstores often reward their customers with a loyalty card which accrues additional shop credit every time they make a purchase. You can implement these systems by buying your own ID card printers UK.

It should be obvious by now just how beneficial ID cards can be for businesses. That’s why massive organisations across the world already use them. So, don’t hesitate. If you haven’t already, invest in an ID card system for your company today.

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