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How can you use Social Media for Keyword Research?

How can you use Social Media for Keyword Research?

Social media nowadays work as the most powerful platform for driving and reaching out to more traffic. Social media is the place where every day the millions of hashtags are used, and the trends are going on in full swing. This makes social media a great place for keyword research. For the marketers who want to leverage their conversion and to bring more traffic to create brand awareness, social media for them performs as a great spot to get more keywords. Here is how you can use it properly

1.Look for keywords in context:

Social media lets you read how other people are using the keywords suitable for your SEO. Though a list of sorted keywords obtained using global search volume and PPC competition analysis helps you with good keyword research, it does not give you adequate knowledge about how people are using the keywords. Semantic keyword research is now one of the major requirements for SEO for which you need to know what the phrase of your keyword means. Social media gives you how people are engaging with the target keyword, which helps your website to match with the intent keyword for better ranking.

2.Use the Facebook Ad Targeting Option for seeing the Audiences:

Since the targeting data of Facebook is very specific, it offers beer insight into the target market. Also, it gives you more audiences whom you can serve better. Using the Facebook ad, you can have more data about the Geography, Connections, Interests, Gender, age, relationship status, workplace, education, etc. These data can help you to pinpoint similar audiences and have more insight into the demographic of the existing audiences.

3.Discover what is coming up with the hashtags on Instagram:

Instagram is full of hashtags.  You can follow the hashtags to drive more leads to your business. It is the best platform for the local and creative markets. You can see the chances of work on Instagram. Also, it gives you better ideas of style and designs on Instagram. Search for the hashtags related to your business to get insight into the target audiences to analyze the most popular posts so that you can have a better idea regarding your keyword.

4.Look for the trending topics on Twitter:

For newsworthy content, you can simply rely on Twitter. Having a look into the topics and conversations offer more details on what audiences are looking for. Also, you can use the exact language for your potential prospects that the searchers are using. You #TrendsForYou becomes helpful for facilitating more keywords related to your business. You can use a social media monitoring tool to get more information about the niche communities on the platform for your target audience. You can look into the specific question and topics that show up on Twitter with the conversations, then determine the right SEO strategy for you.

5.Look for the topics on LinkedIn on which influencers are focusing on:

Looking for what the influencers of your industry are talking about can actually leverage your keyword research in many ways. Also, it is better for the reaction and the comments the posts are getting. LinkedIn is the play where people tend to indulge in conversation, and audiences look for the solution to their pain points. It is undoubtedly a great source to look for what your audiences are talking about.


Social media is undoubtedly the best platform to boost up your keyword research if you want to keep the traffic generating on your website more impactful. If it feels daunting for you to spend a lot of time on social media, you can use the social media monitoring tools, which become helpful in many ways.

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