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How to Use Quizzes for Your Marketing Strategy

How to Use Quizzes for Your Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for a new way to engage your audience and collect information at the same time? Look no further, as quizzes are the ideal solution.

The unlimited fast-paced content that the internet serves has increased the value of interactive content. People want to be actively engaged. That’s how you’ll attract people and retain their attention.

But how do quizzes fit into a digital marketing strategy?

Marketing quizzes subtly drive users to your brand. They aren’t aggressively promotional but can help you achieve different business goals.

If you want to learn more about marketing quizzes and how you can use them, just keep reading.

The Benefits of Using Marketing Quizzes

Why are quizzes worthy of your time and effort?

This question has probably crossed your mind (or was just about to). There’s no point in beating around the bush, so let’s address the benefits of marketing quizzes right away.

Here are a few solid reasons why you should think about adding quizzes to your marketing strategy:

  • Collect useful data – Instead of dull surveys, switch your data collecting to more fun and attractive solutions. Quizzes can help you learn more about your audience without exposing them to boring content.
  • Drive traffic – Quizzes are sharable and thus, your website’s traffic will grow. If a user searches for a quiz with a title similar to yours, your organic traffic will also witness an increase.
  • Generate leads – More people will get acquainted with your brand and your products because of the quiz's shareable nature.
  • Build trust – After completing the quiz, your brand will no longer be a stranger to the user. The familiarity you establish will build a foundation for a trusting relationship that encourages sales.
  • Boost sales – With quizzes that are relevant to your business, you can ease the users into purchasing your products. For example, you create a “What’s Your Ideal Skincare?” quiz and then mention your skincare products in the results. Also, since you got potential customers to your website, they can look around, get to know your products, and ultimately, make a purchase.

The power of marketing quizzes is hopefully clarified. Now, it is time to learn more about how you can put the quizzes to use to achieve different goals.

1. Get Information on Customers’ Preferences and Pain Points

Marketing quizzes can help you understand your audience. You get to interact with your website visitors in a non-intrusive way and collect information on their preferences.

Use quizzes to learn how your digital audience perceives topics relevant to your business. Let them tell you who they are, what they like, and where their interests lie.

Collect insights from both your target audience and your email subscribers. Surprise your subscribers with a fun quiz instead of a lifeless survey.

What to do with the data you gather? Well, you can create personalized digital marketing campaigns, send emails that match the users’ preferences and give them recommendations that will be perfectly tailored to them.

2. Grow Your List of Subscribers

Leverage marketing quizzes to lengthen your email list. The most effective approach is to send the quiz results to the users’ emails. After they answer all the questions, ask them for their email to send them their result.

Another option is to inquire about the email address after they finish with the quiz. You can offer them an e-book on a related topic, for example, in exchange for email info.

Since the users will spend some time on the content you’ve created for them, the unfamiliarity will parish. You’ll be a business that creates engaging content. Give them a taste of what you can do for them and you’ll get their emails.

3. Increase the Website Dwell Time

Quizzes can notably increase your user engagement. They can lower your bounce rate and keep the visitors pinned to your site.

Even if someone stumbles on your website a quiz can capture their attention. The interaction will prevent them from leaving and motivate them to further explore it after they take the quiz.

When a user spends some time on your page, they are more likely to go through other content. Especially if you use the quiz to suggest some of your products.

4. Create Shareable Results to Build Brand Awareness

Make the results share-worthy. Why? Because that will help you introduce your brand to a wide audience and drive more traffic to your site.

When users get results they like, they'll post them on social media. Their followers will see the post and the curiosity will be awakened.

The quiz-takers can become subtle brand ambassadors. They will share your content and spread the word about your brand.

If you need some quiz content inspiration, go to the website here and browse through flashcards to identify potential questions.  

5. Attract the Users to Your Brand with Testimonials

Look at the big picture – how to exploit the relationship you’ve built with quizzes?

You want to act timely, before your brand's name has slipped the users' minds. Build trust while the memory of your quiz is still fresh.

Use the email info to send customer testimonials that will make people more comfortable with your brand. Familiarize them with your products through satisfied customers’ impressions.

However, bear in mind that testimonials emails are only welcome if your products are related to the quiz’s topics.

Tips for Creating Engaging Marketing Quizzes

Now that you know how quizzes can fit into your marketing strategy, let’s discuss what makes a good marketing quiz. Take into consideration the following tips in your quiz-creation journey.

  • Identify your goals – Do you want to inform the audience? Get to know them better? Or, grow your brand awareness? Define what you want to create quizzes that match your goal.  
  • Keep it relevant to your business – Pick topics within your niche. That's how you'll draw in your target audience and boost your chances of a sale.
  • Make it evergreen – Topics that aren't related to a passing trend will be better at continuously bringing results.
  • Encourage sharing – Be direct with your sharing intent. Ask the test-taker to share the quiz and give them a link to make this process even more quick and easy.
  • Add attractive images – As visual beings, people are more likely to get attracted to a quiz with a high-quality and descriptive image. The results will also be more shareable if there is an attractive picture alongside it.
  • Write playfully – Users take quizzes for fun. Therefore, the appropriate language is casual and playful. Formality and technical terms will kill the joy that quizzes should bring.
  • Keep it short – Try to limit your quiz to 6 to 10 questions. Shorter quizzes aren’t time-consuming and will thus be more appealing.
  • Make it positive – The quiz results need to be positive. Otherwise, the participants can tie a negative connotation to your brand. Not to mention that positive results will get more shares.

Wrapping Up

Give your marketing strategy unexpected twists. Use quizzes to shake up your usual actions and give your target audience a good reason to notice you.

Just take into account high engagement rate, collecting information about consumers, and new leads. This is what marketing quizzes can get you. Are you ready to give them a try?

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