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Ways to prevent cyber-attack that may hinder business growth

Aug 13, 2020
Ways to prevent cyber-attack that may hinder business growth

High-profile cyber-attacks have created alarm among leading companies regarding cybercrime. Recent surveys conducted have suggested that small business owners are still operating under a false sense of cybersecurity. Many companies lack a formal internet security policy for the employees and even have basic cybersecurity measures. There are many service providers like Commprise Inc, who can help you develop appropriate hacker-proof software.

Further, only a handful of companies have had an outside party test on their computer systems to check they are hacker-proof and have their data backed up securely. Even though there have been significant cybersecurity threats, many companies believe that their company is safe from hackers, malware, data breaches, and viruses. It is primarily due to the belief that small business firms are not the targets of cyberattack.

Research in the recent past has shown that around 40% of the attacks targeted the small firms affecting their cybersecurity. Not just hackers from outside but also employees working within the four walls of the office can even device plans to rob their employers.

It is a kind of internal threat that has stayed in the past and might show up its face in the future.

Steps to keep away hackers

Often, small companies do not have the necessary resources to avail of outside expert help. In this scenario, you take the following steps to make sure their security is not compromised. These simple steps can ensure safety, and at the same time, help attain long-term goals, these are as follows:

  • Training employees in cybersecurity principles is the first step toward ensuring the security of the data.
  • Installing, using, and regularly updating the antivirus and antispyware software on every computer used in the business.
  • The use of firewalls for internet connections also helps a long way in ensuring that no outsider should get access to the data on private accounts. These are a technology that has gained ground in the recent past.
  • Downloading and installing software updates for the operating system and applications as they are widely available these days.
  • Making backup copies of essential data and projects can also help keep track of the company's regular activities.
  • Control the physical access to the computers, and the network components are essential as there are many frauds in the company itself. Access should be given only to the most trusted employee.
  • Secure Wi-Fi connection. If the workplace has a Wi-Fi connection, it is essential to secure it and keep it hidden.
  • Create an individual user account for each employee. Each employee should have a personal user account so that there is no confusion created during rush at work.
  • Limiting employee access to data information and impose restrictions on their authority to install the software.
  • Regular change of password can also help to do away with the efforts of the hackers who have various password breaking tools at their disposal. Also, keeping a password that does not have personal information is essential to create confusion in hackers' minds.

By choosing from the menu of various devices that can secure the technical aspect of the data, you can go a long way in increasing the business ventures. So it is imperative for all business ventures, whether big or small, to safeguard their information.

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