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Best Ways to Increase The Responsive Rate of Your Email Marketing

Best Ways to Increase The Responsive Rate of Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the major forms of digital marketing. There have been cases of leads and conversions from email marketing efforts. These cases are backed by data and are not mere cases of luck. Email marketing does require precise efforts to increase the chances of conversion.

However, not many people are able to be precise in their efforts. They end up failing at using email for marketing then complain that email marketing does not work. Email marketing works if you take these measures stated below.

Create a List

Before sending an email, identify the recipients of that email. There should be a database containing information about the various recipients of that email. Information in this regard means more than their email addresses. Other information will come handy later on when sending emails. Without this information, you will not be able to make the most of your email marketing campaign.

Personalize Each Email

The aim of gathering information about each customer is to help you talk directly to the customer. It is a taboo in modern times to address a recipient as "hello customer", "hello", or any generic term. Instead, address recipients personally using their names for starts. For example,

"Hello Moses,

This mail is a notification of an update on the WooCommerce Email Order plugin."

If you were Mr. Moses, I'm sure you'll be interested in reading a mail addressing you by your name.

Be Brief and Precise

The content of your email is very important. It is the content of your email that sells your idea, product or service to the recipient. To increase the responsive rate of your email marketing, be very precise about the content of your email. Using the example stated above, it is obvious that the sender goes straight to the point.

Precise email content is very important, especially in a time like this when people are jot keen on concentrating for long periods. You have a short window to get their concentration, do not waste it on formalities or frivolities. More importantly, proofread your emails before sending. You can use tools like Grammarly to ensure that your sentences are correct.

Find The Right Time

There are many articles on the internet discussing on what they perceive to be the perfect time for sending marketing emails. Sorry to burst your bubble but there is not a particular time that's proven to be "perfect" for sending emails. The perfect time for sending emails is the time the recipients deem it to be perfect. Instead of figuring out a time for your recipients, try to get answers from them.

To do this, run simple polls asking your target audience when they check their emails. Knowing when they check their emails will help you identify when is best to send marketing emails and increase your chances of a click. Choosing for them may cause your emails to be lost in a pile of emails.

Ensure it is Mobile Friendly

Just like websites emails should be mobile friendly. People love convenience and nobody wants to go through the stress of having to use a computer simply because they want to read a marketing email. If I'm going to read an email from a computer, it better be an employment email. Before sending marketing emails, test run them to ensure that they are mobile friendly.

Use an Glaring Call to Action

After going to the content of your email, some customers may be pleased and want to convert. It is up to you to make it easy for them by using a call-to-action button. Do not use a link. Use a button that is glaring for all to see. The call-to-action button should lead recipients of your marketing email directly to the landing page and nowhere else. If the offer is limited, announce it in the email so that customers do not visit a nonexistent webpage.

Use a Commanding Email Subject

There is a reason why email subjects are shown in bold letters. Just like meta data, they are meant to give recipients clues about the emails. It is unimaginable to send marketing emails without an email subject. It is suicide to send an email with a poor subject. The subject of your email should contain the main keywords of your email. If you are selling the Paywall for WooCommerce plugin via a marketing mail, ensure that the recipients can ascertain this from looking at the subject of your email.

Many digital marketers fear that readers may.not read the email if they already know what's inside. So they alter the subject to force a click bait. Well, research shows that over 63% of click bait mails are often reported as spam. So, click bait is definitely worse for you.

Use Professional Templates and Email Addresses

Use a work email associated with the domain name of your website when sending marketing emails. This is very important as it proofs your legitimacy. Marketing efforts are driven at making sales. These sales may require customers entrusting you with private financial information. Nobody will entrust you with financial information if your email looks shady. In this regard, always use professional templates and work email addresses when sending marketing emails.

Get Technological Assistance

Technology makes everything simple for digital marketers. So do not hesitate to get technological assistance. Use AI tools to automate your email marketing efforts like scheduling the emails to be sent at a particular time. There are also tools you can use to check if your email is spam proof. Use all the help that technology can provide.

Email marketing efforts takes time, efforts, resources and consistency to function. However, it is a good long term marketing plan that can produce short-term results. Email marketing is also good for branding, and you can make strong impressions if you follow these ways stated above for your email marketing campaigns.

He is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an Woocommerce plugin),, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.

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