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Strategies to Skyrocket Your Brand’s Popularity on TikTok

Strategies to Skyrocket Your Brand’s Popularity on TikTok

At first glance, TikTok may seem like a platform that's purely geared for younger people who just want to make the latest and greatest meme. TikTok isn't only for kids and social media influencers, though: it's an app with more than 500 million regular visitors whose trends and opportunities can provide brands like yours with greater organic engagement rates.

If you have a brand and have been hard at work expanding its outreach, then you probably know just how effective social media strategies are when it comes to boosting your brand awareness. So before you scoff at TikTok as a platform that's seemingly only used by an immature audience, learn a little bit about the strategies that you can use to skyrocket your brand's popularity on TikTok without compromising any of your brand's integrity.

1. Center your posting intent around brand awareness

Last but not least, it's important to focus the majority of your posts around the idea of building your brand engagement and awareness. Whenever you post a new piece of content to your TikTok account, the goal in the back of your mind should be to build on your brand awareness: you can look to TikTok's different trends to get started.

One of the best ways to center your posting intent around building brand awareness is by leveraging your accounts on other social media platforms. It's a good idea to link whatever you post to TikTok to your brand website and other social accounts.

If you find yourself too busy to juggle these responsibilities with the responsibility of generating content for and managing your TikTok account, consider whether it’s possible to bring on new personnel to help. Ready to bring on new employees to help skyrocket your brand’s popularity on TikTok? You'll want to invest in an invoice template that comes with crucial features such as automated late payment reminders, sales tracking, and year-end reporting.

2. Purchase a greater number of TikTok ads

There's no doubt that the content you regularly publish is engaging and of high quality. Generating great content that your existing followers, as well as users who may not yet follow your account, is a must-do if you want to skyrocket your brand's popularity on TikTok. With that said, you can't expect to rely on content alone to keep building your brand awareness.

In addition to creating content that's likely to get featured on TikTok's "For You" page to grab new followers, it's highly recommended that you start advertising on TikTok to expand your brand outreach even more. It's easy to buy TikTok ads, and it's even easier to rely on them to generate user interest in your brand. This is because, once you purchase a live ad on TikTok, it remains viewable to users for the rest of the day.

Whenever someone opens up their TikTok application on their smartphone or personal computer, they'll immediately see the ad that you've posted. Not only that, users can directly interact with your ad, too, since ads often come with hyperlinks that take users to a new page. As you become more comfortable with posting ads to your TikTok account, you can start to tailor them to the audience that you're interested in targeting based on their topics of interest as well as their geographical locations and age ranges.

Need some inspiration for topics of interest to center your ads around? Considering that the demographic of TikTok users is composed largely of younger people, cryptocurrency can be a good topic with which to start. Try buying ads that educate your users on how to sell cryptocurrency online and see if you begin to generate an uptick in engagement. If you do, then you have a good foundation on which to base ads you post in the future.

3. Get featured on TikTok’s “for you” page

Before we dive too deep into TikTok's "For You" page, it's important to mention how crucial it is that your brand uses TikTok's Pro version. Why is the Pro version so essential to building your brand awareness on TikTok? It's simple: TikTok's Pro version lets you leverage its trends and analytics tools to gain insight into the users interacting, watching, and sharing your content.

Once you know which users are interacting regularly with your content, you can also explore other content they interact with that's similar to yours. Chances are that some of that related content gets featured on TikTok's "For You" page -- similar to Instagram's "Discover" page -- which is the place your content needs to be if you want to quickly boost your brand awareness. The "For You" page features content that's similar to the videos other TikTok users (including those who don't yet follow your TikTok account) already watch, so consider generating more content that has a greater chance of being discovered by the types of users whom you want to target.

Getting featured on TikTok's "For You" page isn't just useful because it connects your content with potentially interested users; it's a handy tool that lets you take advantage of social media users' eagerness to immediately check new content that's published on the platforms they use such as TikTok. Nearly one-quarter of people check their phone within a few minutes after hearing a notification alert. So, the more often your content is featured on TikTok's "For You" page, the more likely it becomes that your featured content connects with new users as well as users who already follow your account.


To create brand awareness as a small business or an individual, it is crucial to explore trends and be at a place before anyone else. It's an excellent time to experiment and try out different things. You are way ahead of the competition, even if you face a stiff one on other social media platforms.

If you're ready to expand your brand awareness, you shouldn't overlook TikTok's platform and the trends and opportunities it offers. TikTok is a great platform that lets you experiment with different strategies to connect with plenty of interested users. It also gives you a chance to link your other social accounts to your TikTok account to create greater cohesion between the pieces of content you post.

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