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4 Strategies to Gain Followers on Instagram

Mar 22,2021
4 Strategies to Gain Followers on Instagram

Have you recently started using social media to market your brand but aren’t quite sure how to use it effectively? Are you trying to gain more followers on Instagram but seem to be having trouble getting past a certain point?

For a while now, social media platforms have been dominating the marketing industry. Traditional marketing has been slowly falling away, and now more and more brands are starting to make use of social media because of just how easy it can be and how much more effective it is, as well as the many growth services available, such as, for organic growth. Instagram is probably the most used and most popular social media platform for businesses and brand to market and it’s not hard to see why. Instagram allows businesses to access an audience of over a billion people in multiple different formats, and engage with them on top of that.

Although marketing on social media may seem like a quick and easy option, it not quite as simple as it looks. It can be easy to reach a plateau when it comes to gaining followers. If you are struggling to gain more, then here are 4 strategies to gain followers on Instagram.  

Post the right content

When it comes to social media, people are very particular about what they like and what they want to see. Creating a voice for your Instagram account will allow you to attract the audience that will fall part of your target demographic as well as maintain consistency throughout your posting.

Instagram is a visual platform which specialises in showing the best and most glamorous parts of people’s lives. The posts tend to be of a high quality standard and have a lot of effort put into them. If you post to Instagram in the same manner in which you post on other social media platforms, you may notice a lack in engagement or a fall in follower count because you are not catering to your audience. The best way to find out what you should and shouldn’t be posting is by having a look at your account analytics and seeing what type of content does the best.

Be consistent with posts

Consistency is key when it comes so brands of businesses trying to grow their follower count. This is because it allows for followers to know what to expect and when to expect it. With social media, or Instagram in particular, being so popular, there are millions of posts made every day and it can be easy for your post to get lost in the sea of others and not get noticed by too many people. It is easy to become irrelevant.

The best way around this is to make sure you are as consistent as possible, and this can be done by creating a posting schedule, which will help you to increase your followers. Once you have determine which time of day it the best to post for the audience you are trying to reach, then a schedule with pre-planned content will allow you to stay on track and keep up with the posts on time.

Search ready profile

Did you know that when people search for your account or are interested in your niches they can search up keywords and it will pop up? This is only an option for you if you have fully optimized your account to be searched for.

Most people know that it’s easy to find an account by looking for the username, but many people don’t realise that you can also search for an account based on the name field and what they choose their name to be. When choosing something to put in the name field in your bio, choose a nice and then something that niche will be most likely to search.

Use the right hashtags

One of the most underrated and misused tools that Instagram has to offer is the hashtag features. Hashtags are keywords in your post that follow a pound sing. This hashtag can be searched by anyone on the platform and they will see all the different posts that have made use of it.

Hashtags are fantastic for brand and businesses, especially when it comes to growing their follower base, as they allow you to reach a much larger audience that you might not have been able to reach beforehand.

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