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How to Create Content that Attracts Backlinks?

How to Create Content that Attracts Backlinks?

One of the best ways to improve your search engine rating is to attract a number of backlinks. The more posts there are, that use you as a source or a reference, the more credible you look in the eyes of search engines. However, you can’t just link to your own content and be done with it. First of all, the number of such backlinks is insignificant when compared to the larger scheme of things and second, algorithm, in its current state, has an easy job of seeing through these patterns. So, how do you create content that organically attracts backlinks? Here are three tips to help you out.

1. Improve your quality of writing

The worst mistake that a lot of people make here is trying to write “linkable” content. In turn, this seems unnatural and clunky. Such poor writing is bound to ruin the domain authority of your blog, which will keep people from associating with you, to begin with. In other words, a single poorly-written post has the power to make an impact on the entirety of your opus, which is bad as it is. It goes the other way around, as well. How people perceive some of your content is often affected by the SEO rank that your blog has. So, in order to avoid a scenario where this turns into a serious problem, SEO Brisbane experts suggest that you should start by improving your online reputation.

So, what causes your content to be that bad? Most people immediately think about talent, however, there’s more to it than that. More often than not, it’s sheer laziness that we’re talking about. The solution to this is quite simple, you want to spend more time writing the post in question. An average in 2019 was 3 hours and 57 minutes per post but for true quality, you want to go 4+ hours, minimum.

2. Make lists

Another thing that people like to link towards are – lists. If you start creating content in this format, they will not only link to your content but also use it as a resource. For instance, if you were to write a piece of content about 10 tips for remodeling your roof, a person writing a piece about the most impactful home-improvement may use this post as a resource for a paragraph or a section. Naturally, this increases the chance that they’ll link towards you. A piece of advice, always goes for a round or an odd number (for instance, top 5, 7 or 10), seeing as how it has the most efficient psychological impact on the reader.

3. Quote researches and statistics

Using interesting facts and statistics is one of the simplest ways to attract backlinks. Nevertheless, this is a double-edged blade. First, a statistic needs to be current in order to be relevant, seeing as how a figure from 2014 may no longer be valid (except for comparison). Also, if you link directly to research, someone who’s linking to your content is likely to do the same. After all, if the statistic is all they need, why not link straight to the source instead of using your post as an intermediary. In other words, you need to offer them more than that one statistic.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that the best thing about a well-written post is the fact that it keeps generating backlinks for years to come. This means that once you’ve produced it, all that you have to do is, occasionally, check if any links that you’ve used in the post are dead and there you have it. In turn, you get to reap the continuous reward for your efforts.

Maggie Holmes is a passionate blogger who writes on renovation, fashion, technology and business. Her hobby is to surf the net to find amazing articles that can inspire her with some fresh ideas for article writing. She loathes being a common person who wastes her time. Follow her on twitter at

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