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Flutter vs Native App: Will Flutter Replace Native Android App Development?

Oct 26, 2021
Flutter vs Native App: Will Flutter Replace Native Android App Development?

Are you on the lookout to develop apps more quickly? Do you want to reduce the overall costs associated with mobile app development? Both Flutter and native app development are becoming popular among developers nowadays. React Native Application Development Services are becoming popular because of their shorter time to market.

But at the same time, Flutter is evolving as one of the famous go-to app development platforms for developers. Cross-platform apps remain of great interest for a large number of businesses out there.

In many industries, Flutter's cross-platform framework has been on the rise since 2018. If you want to compare Flutter and native app development, both provide a great deal of flexibility and stability. But they differ too in terms of code maintenance and app performance. So let’s see whether Flutter will replace native android app development.  

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a well-known cross-platform framework with a unified codebase. It operates with the Dart programming language. Launched in 2018 by Google, Flutter has evolved as a convenient and easy-to-use toolkit for developers.

Flutter makes it simple to create animations and high-quality UI components. Flutter provides developers with smooth animations and user-friendly interface elements. Flutter App Development Company in USA is becoming popular because of the versatility of this framework.

What is Native App Development?

Native app development is an open-source mobile app framework that relies a great deal on JavaScript. Native application development is effective for:

  • Cross-platform app development
  • Developing applications for both Android and iOS
  • Using the same design
  • Development of mobile apps on the basis of the JavaScript language

Flutter vs. Native App- Development Speed

The Flutter framework provides developers with the capacity to develop a single code for two varied platforms. This usually reduces cost and development time. Moreover, the Flutter codes are simpler to create when compared to native codes.

Even new developers can quickly work with Flutter. It is worth mentioning that Flutter development is around 30 to 50% faster when compared to native app development.

Maintenance of Code

In a majority of cases, supporting a native application is more strenuous. Mobile application Development Company is always on the lookout for creating apps faster and providing users with relevant solutions. But native app development doesn’t augur well for code maintenance. It usually takes serious efforts to maintain two codebases.

Moreover, the app development company has to release two different updates. On the contrary, maintaining an app built with Flutter is much easier to maintain. This is because an app based on Flutter comprises a single code base for two applications.

This makes things simple for developers, and they can release the updates quickly. Furthermore, Flutter’s hot reloading feature helps the developers to resolve issues emanating from the application immediately.  

Application Size

With the use of native technologies, developers can create apps in the range of 550KB to 1.5 MB. On the contrary, while using Flutter, the same application size increases to 7.5 MB. But note that Flutter can self-contain all the codes to avoid concerns related to the size.

Why choose Native App Development?

  • To develop high-performance apps with strong and reliable OS embedded
  • To develop unique MVP apps
  • To constantly update the app based on the new OS version
  • Provide simple features with great reliability and security

Why choose Flutter App Development?

  • To develop a single code with both front-end and back-end functionalities
  • To develop native apps with real-time databases
  • To ensure a seamless development process by integrating interesting features
  • To create apps faster

Both Flutter and native app development are different. Developers should choose a framework that best appeals to them.

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