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Email Retargeting - How To Use It Effectively To Grow Your Business

Email Retargeting - How To Use It Effectively To Grow Your Business

In recent times, some marketers have given more preference to social media marketing and consider email marketing a thing of the past. However, email marketing is a top-performing marketing tool even today.

It helps businesses reach the intended audience at the right time with the appropriate content, compelling them to act. This has been proven by research which shows that 81% of small business owners rely on email campaigns to acquire more clients.

While more marketing teams may surface with passing years, email retargeting has proven irreplaceable. Still, many companies don’t recognize its worth. According to 46% of marketing professionals, email retargeting is the most underutilized marketing strategy.

If you are a business owner who wants to grow your business, email retargeting should be your go-to marketing tool.

What Is Email Retargeting?

If you have heard of email marketing, you won’t have a hard time understanding email retargeting. In this technique, marketers re-engage their existing customers and win them by sending out emails based on their behavioral traits and interests.

Compared to other popular techniques, email retargeting is a super effective and efficient approach. Since you already have the data on your potential customers, refining and reusing it helps you save resources and time. Moreover, it is an excellent way to close the revenue gap and boost sales.

Benefits Of Email Retargeting

Here are a few benefits of incorporating email retargeting into your marketing strategy.

Save on Advertising Budget

Email retargeting is one of the most cost-effective ways to approach more customers in the digital marketing world. Using this technique, you can re-establish communication with existing customers, regain customer loyalty, promote your products, and reach your business goals.

Increase Conversion

According to reports, only 3% of customers visiting a website for the first time make a purchase.

So, if someone has paid a few visits to your website already and shown interest in your products but hasn’t bought anything yet, it means you still have a shot! You can increase sales and conversions by turning undecided visitors into email subscribers and sending them enticing offers.

Stay Fresh in The Minds of Your Potential Customers

To get the maximum attention of your audience, you must stay fresh in the minds of your potential customers. An email retargeting campaign can help you do that. Sending out regular emails reminds your customers about your brand, products, and special offers until they are ready to buy.

Enrich Your Brand’s Profile with Analytical Insights

Email retargeting will guide your advertising journey by providing enough insights about your customers. From the way clients respond to the emails and interact with your content, you can learn valuable information about your customers’ behavior. This data will help you direct your marketing efforts in the right direction, make smart investments, and increase your ROI.

More Exposure

Email retargeting gets your brand more exposure by reaching your most promising leads. In addition, it can raise awareness about your brand among potential new customers. When you keep showing up in their inbox with new and exciting deals, your brand attracts more attention and gains trust, which may positively affect conversion rates.

Email Retargeting: Actionable Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Here are a few strategies businesses can incorporate in email retargeting campaigns to help their business grow exponentially.

Keep Emails Hyper-Personalized

Email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques because it can be highly personalized. You can collect intent and behavioral data through various analytics on your website and use this data to personalize the emails. For instance, you can send suggestions and offers that a specific recipient in a specific area would be interested in.  

Create Trust-Building Content

Just sending out random emails to your potential customers is not enough. Your retargeting emails should have an intelligent approach. Make sure you’re not just sending ads, offers, or product promotions. Instead, ensure your retargeting emails are educational and entertaining enough that they get opened and read. This will add value and build trust between you and your customers.

Follow-Up on Abandoned Shopping Carts

Businesses lose a lot of potential customers every day, and they can keep track of these customers from abandoned shopping carts. A person could have left without making a purchase for various reasons. It’s your job to find that reason and retarget that customer by sending a follow-up email reminding them to complete their purchase. You can also raise the chances of the conversion by adding a discount coupon or an exciting offer in that email.

Engage Inactive Visitors

All the visitors who land on your website don’t necessarily end up buying from you. They might have just left after reading some blog posts, viewing your pricing, and becoming your email subscribers. You can certainly re-engage with these visitors through retargeting emails, which tell the recipient more about your brand or contain discounts vouchers.

Upsell To Existing Customers

While you’re setting up an email retargeting campaign, don’t forget the customer who has already bought a product from your brand. You can upsell a new product to them that is compatible with the old one or give them reasons to upgrade to the latest version.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing provides you with unique and personalized ways to reach your customers. While it may seem like an obsolete way of communication, email retargeting still plays an important role in increasing sales. It lets you market your ideas and products to your potential customers, keeps you fresh in their minds, and increases exposure.

If you are a small business owner, this tool can fit in your budget and provide you with maximum ROI. In addition, it will help you reach your customers more efficiently and bridge the gap between buyers and non-buyers.

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