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5 Digital Marketing Hacks To Help You Dominate Your Competition in 2022

5 Digital Marketing Hacks To Help You Dominate Your Competition in 2022

Businesses have been using digital marketing to grow their brands online for over two decades now, and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon. If anything, digital marketing will only become more critical as we move further into the 21st century.

So what does that mean for businesses in 2022?

It means you need to be ahead of the curve and start implementing these five marketing hacks to stay ahead of your competition and capture those leads!

1. Keep on top of your SEO

SEO is more important than ever when wanting to get your website indexed on the major search engine brands. While SEO trends continue to change and grow, one area that Google, in particular, seems to be focusing on is the difference between search and intent.

You can't just publish a blog post and call it a day. You need to make sure you are doing everything to optimize that content for search engines. This includes using the right keywords, adding images and videos, and publishing regularly.

Create compelling content

Your website is only as good as the content you publish. If you want people to stick around, you need to produce high-quality content that's both informative and engaging. However, it doesn't mean you have to write long, drawn-out blog posts. Shorter posts can be just as effective if they're well-written.

Optimize your website for mobile users

Today, more people are using their smartphones to browse the internet, so your website must be optimized for those users. It means operating a responsive theme, making sure your pages load quickly, and using easy-to-read fonts.

2. Create Content Using Basic Marketing Strategies

The AIDA framework performs exceptionally well on almost all marketing channels. Its primary use is to grab the reader's attention, create a fear of missing out, pull on their heartstrings, and finally provide them with a solution to their problem. This formula has been proven to work in the past and is still used today because of its effectiveness.

Another practical copywriting framework is the problem, agitate, solution (PAS) system. Compared to AIDA, it is a more straightforward way to move people through the buying process, so you can also use it on your website, emails, and social media posts if that’s what you prefer.

So it's a no-brainer that either of these frameworks should be applied when marketing a small business for the year ahead.

3. Use a Variety of Growth Marketing Tactics

It's important to have variety in your growth and sales tactics because you want to be able to grow using many different methods and pivot as the market changes. Sticking to just one tactic can become less effective over time, so businesses should gather data by testing new things on their customers before they stop working entirely for them.

This will lead to successful outcomes!

Here are three growth marketing tactics that you can use to help your business grow:

  • Popups are a great way to capture email addresses and grow your database. You can offer a freebie in exchange for someone's contact information or use a popup to promote one of your products or services.
  • Contests are a great way to generate leads and social media followers. You can offer a free prize in exchange for someone's contact information or ask people to like your page or follow you on Twitter to enter the contest.
  • Gated content is content that is hidden behind a form. To view the content, someone has to provide their contact information. This creates curiosity in the reader, and they are more likely to want to opt in. Ultimately it is a great way to generate leads and grow your database.

4. Don't Be Afraid to Get on Video.

Live video has grown exponentially in recent years, and it isn't showing any signs that this trend will be going away anytime soon. Brands are using these videos for everything from customer support to product demos.

There aren't limits on what can happen when you allow viewers to be involved through interactive features like chat rooms or polls.

The advantage of live over prerecorded video is the immediacy and interactivity it provides. Audiences can call in, ask questions, or make comments that can be answered during the live session. This helps to create a more personal connection with viewers, resulting in increased trust and loyalty.

In addition to live videos, branded videos are also extremely popular. These are videos that a brand has created to promote one of its products or services. Branded videos can be anything from product demos to testimonials.

The advantage of using branded videos is that they allow brands to control the messaging and the overall tone of the video. In addition, branded videos enable brands to create a more personal connection with viewers.

This can result in increased trust and loyalty. So, how do you get started with video marketing?

Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Don't try to do too much at once. Start small and gradually increase the amount of video content you produce.
  • Try to be consistent with the type of videos you produce and the frequency with which you post them.
  • Try to use a variety of formats, including live videos, branded videos, and instructional videos.
  • Be sure to engage your viewers by asking them questions and soliciting their input.

So get on video! It's a great way to connect with customers and create loyalty.

5. Hone in on Your Email Marketing Strategy

While other communication methods have come and gone, email has remained a staple of both personal and professional life. And there's a good reason for this - email is fast, efficient, and reliable.

Perhaps most importantly, email is accessible. Just about everyone has an email address, which makes it the perfect way to reach a broad audience.

Another exciting statistic for all those thinking of using email in their marketing is that it has the highest return on investment. Of course, that will only be possible with a well-crafted email with a message that is both clear and gets the reader to take action.

An effective marketing strategy is segmenting your email list to match your customer base. For example, some marketers use the holiday season to offer incentives to their customers, such as discount coupons for those who left their website with an item in the shopping cart.

Segmenting your email list also allows you to target specific groups of customers with tailored content. This can be highly beneficial, as it helps to ensure that your customers are getting the most relevant information possible.

To create an email marketing campaign, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Keep your emails short: Nobody wants to read a long email. Get right to the point and make sure your message is easy to understand.
  • Use attractive visuals: Images are a great way to break up the text and capture your readers' attention.
  • Engage your readers: Be sure to engage your readers by asking them questions and soliciting their input.
  • Test, test, test: Always test your emails before sending them out to ensure they look and function correctly.

You know that old saying, "You get more of what you send out"? Well, it's true!

One way to ensure your emails are getting through is by segmenting them based on who they're intended for. Suppose there is a specific type of demographic in mind when crafting an email campaign.

In that case, this strategy will allow marketers to not only reach their target audience but also provide incentives tailored specifically towards these individuals, which might increase open rates and click-thru rates.

Segmenting customers is a great way to increase the effectiveness of an email campaign while maintaining a cohesive brand image. Try using demographic information, interests, or purchase history to better target your recipients. It's a surefire way to improve campaign results!


The best way to approach digital marketing is by taking a marathon mindset. This means being strategic, data-driven, and setting yourself up for success with the hacks we've outlined in this blog post.

But don't forget, these hacks are not written in concrete. It would be best to keep on tweaking your strategy to get the best return for your business.

What this post has shown is that digital marketing strategies are constantly changing. The best way to keep up with them? Keep it simple!

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