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Benefits Of A Video Hosting Platform

Apr 07, 2022
Benefits Of A Video Hosting Platform

Online course creators take a video and upload it to an online service or video hosting platform where it is stored for later use. Video content is stored on the hosting service's servers, where users are given the option of embedding code or links, which allows others to interact with the content.

What are the benefits of using a professional hosting platform?

For publishers and organisations to upload, manage and distribute video content, they need a platform to host on. Having the video content organised in one system makes the workflow significantly more efficient.

Even though companies can configure and handle their hosting, this is an added task, which means they miss out on expert advice and experience available from professional platforms.

Benefits Of A Video Hosting Platform


Vdocipher provides enterprise-grade security to protect your videos. You can provide password protection to restrict access or provide user-based authentication. You can add watermarks to your videos to prevent illegal downloads. If you have any specific requirements for video encryption, we can provide that too. Other crucial video hosting features of Vdocipher are:


Among the top video hosting services available to businesses in Panopto. Panopto offers video production and hosting services in addition to video management and sharing. Among the features of Vidyard are video analytics and security, as well as integration with other apps

Video marketing companies use Panopto to connect with their audiences and generate leads before closing sales.

Several security features are available, including password protection, SSO login, and IP protection.


Video hosting platform Brightcove has offered private video hosting services since 2004. There are thousands of users across 70 countries using the platform, and it helps with video marketing on the Internet.

Broadcasts, publishing, marketing, and enterprise communications are just some of the solutions available from Brightcove Media.

The main features of the company are:

  • Content Management
  • Video Library Management
  • Live Events Streaming
  • Ingest and Transcoding
  • Advertising


With Vidyard, you can create a video experience tailored to your preferences and connect with other users across the globe. Using online videos to drive revenue for businesses is a way for technology to transform how businesses communicate.

Vidyard's main advantages

  • Streaming quality reports tracking of viewers are among the analytics in-depth viewers can access
  • Your video library can be showcased in video hubs and playlists that serve as an internal team resource.
  • Integration to various platforms
  • Analytics for viewers such as Streaming Quality Reports and Viewer Tracking Embed restrictions


Wistia was founded in 2006 and offered video hosting services. They assist businesses with leveraging their video content for marketing purposes. More than 500,000 companies are using their services in more than 50 countries.

Wistia offers a wide range of benefits, including

  • It allows users to add metadata to videos such as Title, Description, Tags, etc. This makes it easier for Google bots to find and index your videos.
  • You can incorporate Call To Actions into your videos using Wistia. Embedding CTAs into sales or informational pages is a great way to increase conversions.
  • It is ad-free. Video watching is hassle-free since no ads interrupt the video during playback.
  • A heatmap feature in Wistia helps you see how your videos are being viewed.

Choose the Best

Multiple factors, including a budget, video goals, and what features you need, go into choosing the right video hosting platform. Combining these video hosting platforms only enhances the entire video marketing strategy. A private video hosting service is the right choice if you wish to protect your content from unauthorised viewing. Based on how secure you want your content to be and what the purpose of the video is, you can pick the best video hosting solution for your business.

To put it simply, video hosting platforms are all about providing creators with an easier process to create online courses. That purpose alone is enough to make the service worth your while if you plan on creating any sort of online course or tutorial.

Sign up for a free trial (30 days) at Vdocipher if you are not sure which platform to choose and enjoy features like multi-level user access, custom video  thumbnails, firewall friendliness, DRM Security, or a powerful CDN and clear analytics

Get started now.

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