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Benefits of Content Personalization For B2B Marketers

Benefits of Content Personalization For B2B Marketers

Personalization matters in B2C, at least that’s what 92% of marketers believe. But is it that relevant for B2B? After all, aren’t B2B buyers looking for a supplier they can rely upon, not somebody who can get to know them better?

In fact, personalization is an amazing tool for the B2B market. Here are 5 reasons why.

Show respect
Most people who are in B2B rely on a handful of clients to grow their business. This means you need to show both existing and potential clients you don’t treat them like a statistic. You treat them like people.

This is what 83% of business buyers want, according to the Salesforce survey.

When you show your customers that you care about them enough to remember their names and their preferences, you quietly let them know you have respect for them.

How do you do this exactly? It depends on the medium. If you’re writing them an email, address them by name. The content that email has, the articles or discounts you’re offering, should also depend on your client’s preferences.

Building trust
By continuously crafting personalized content for your specific audience you don’t only show you respect them. You start building trust. If you have a newsletter subscriber base or a base of people who get updates from a chatbot, you let them know you won’t bombard them with sales pitches they don’t want to see.

If you host a blog and tailor the content for the audience, you make people trust you as an expert. Go a step further and talk to the audience in the comments. Install a Disquss plug-in on your website if you haven’t already, and get feedback from the people who are reading your content.

Improve based on their advice and cover topics they want, and you’ll build even more trust.

In the industry when having the trust of the few people who really matter, it’s a huge part of success.

Email performance
If your content delivery network relies on newsletter subscription, personalization is the only viable way to go. Even the people who willingly subscribed to the newsletter may be missing the emails from it if you don’t personalize them.

A key decision-maker that you need to convince to buy from you may not have that much time to check emails. They may be missing out on tons of emails they don’t think are important.

Make your emails important by personalizing them. Mention their name and the click-through rate of the email campaign is going to improve.

The best part about this is that you don’t need to do every little thing manually. Emma Lee from Cake HR Software recommends using MailChimp, Segment, or Yusp to deliver personalized messages en masse.

Establish authority
One of the very important aims of any types of content marketing campaign is to establish your company or a particular person at the company as a renowned expert in the industry. That’s the larger goal. A smaller goal is creating direct conversions with your content.

You can hit two birds with one stone if you study your audience’s interests and pain points use them in writing. Professional advice will show your expert level, and covering the topics your potential clients want to read about will grant you their interest.

Increase conversion
In case you’re still doubting it, experts surveyed by Neil Patel overwhelmingly believe personalized content produces better results.

Source: Neil Patel

80% of experts who took part in the poll believe personalized content is at least somewhat better than non-personalized one.

If you’re guest blogging, measuring all impact can be tricky. You can only measure the traffic that comes over to your website and converts. You can’t really measure the public opinion about your company if you’re not as big as to be talked about on Twitter.

Here’s a pro tip we use at WhenIPost for confirming the stats that HubSpot experts provide. When you’re closing a deal with a new client, ask them whether they’ve found your expert articles on the web or interacted with any of your content before.

If they did, you know your B2B content marketing is working.

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