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8 Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

Dec 08, 2021
8 Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2022

What was the first thing you did in the pandemic when searching for the latest information?

Googled it!

Well, these quick online searches have resulted in dramatic changes in the way content is published, shared, and perceived. As a result, marketers are revolutionizing content marketing trends to reach customers.

In 2021, 43% of marketers observed an elevation in the content marketing budget, and 66% expected another surge in 2022.

So, what’s holding you back from using a content marketing trend?

Check out these promising 8 content marketing trends in 2022 that’ll give you a competitive edge:

The Urge for Quality, Reliable, and Relevant Content

Marketers and creators who want their content to be discovered in the search engine are constantly challenged with Google’s core updates, Core Web Vitals, Page Experience, and anti-spam initiatives.

The right digital marketing company for you can craft a noticeable content strategy!

E-A-T: Google believes every searchable content must have these three traits: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. As marketers, you must consider these traits while sharing content in 2022.

The E-A-T concept is a never-ending challenge in SEO as it cannot be measured and lacks quantifiable metrics.

When it comes to content, metrics play a significant role in differentiating unique content from average content.


● Curate incomparable content experiences with intelligent integration of gamification, AR/VR, video, audio, text, and other interactive elements.
● Visualize content with your clients and customers in mind, find answers to what can help you win their business?
● Create content that shows your empathy and builds trust with your audience.

Renewed and Strong Persistence to Understand Customer Intent

What’s the purpose behind your customer’s search?

Traditional marketers and inexperienced SEO experts blindly concentrate on keyword insertion and performance. With this strategy, they miss out on a lucrative opportunity to connect with their audience organically.

The best SEO company has shifted its vision from what people are looking for to why they are looking for something. This shift in perception can help you effortlessly craft content your audience relates to.


● Rely on real-time search insights to know what factors currently encourage your audience.
● Walk through customer journeys to discover hurdles, content gaps, and other factors that can help create a seamless experience.
● Generate a perfect mix of keyword, topic, and competitive research to create content that matches the intent of a large audience.

Practicing Intellectual and Data-Driven Content Planning

Gone are the days when marketers relied on the previous month’s insights to draft next month’s strategy.

Today, you can use multiple interactions and touchpoints to track and determine the strategy for upcoming months.

There is no rush to set your content strategy for 2022 right in January.

Instead, invest in processes, people, and tools to analyze and respond to data. This will help you generate content throughout the year.


● Strike off all tools and marketing efforts that do not go well together. Re-evaluate and re-work.
● This is the right time to upskill or outsource data-driven creatives if you do not have them yet.
● Document all processes and workflows that are fruitful for your brand for scalable efforts.

Stay Aligned with Google Guidelines and SERPs

Imagine the plight of a teenager who has to convince his mom to a party?

Well, convincing Google to accept your content as the best answer for a query is equally challenging!

Just as a teenager wins his mother’s trust, similarly, you have to win Google’s trust. For that, you must follow a few guidelines.

Note the unique opportunities mentioned in the guidelines, as they can help you appear at the top of the search rankings. If not, you will end up with the traditional blue link results.

People Also Ask, image results, video carousels, featured snippets, top stories, among others, are considered to be an excellent opportunity to be seen.


● Evaluate SERPs to determine where you want to appear, optimize content so that search result types can lead you where you intent to be present.
● Review, update and optimize your old content for improved ranking types and opportunities.
● Use the appropriate schema markup so that Google can easily understand what your content is all about.

The Creation of Content Across Video, Voice, and Visuals Through Social Platforms and Mobile

Concentrating simply on content volume is a rookie mistake. Simultaneously, remember you cannot rank unless you produce it.

In 2022, aim to garner new ideas and streams to share your stories and information.

Can I share this message in a better way through an article or video? Should I release audio of this to grab the attention of the audience?

Consumers crave interaction and entertaining content regardless of mobile or social media channels. Are you ready to offer that?


● Support each new piece of content with an add-on content asset to engage your audience and expand reach.
● Invest in the right tools and talent to provide a diverse content bank.
● Unsure about what type of content platform or format resonates with your audience? Ask them!

Strategic Use of Real-Time Insights and Experience

Real-time tracking can help plan informed upcoming campaigns. Above all, it acts as fuel to real-time optimizations.

Real-time insights and monitoring can notify you of changes that affect your SEO at that instance so that you can make necessary changes for an uninterruptible customer experience.

This is significant for all organizations where marketers, developers, IT constantly work and others are continually working on the website.


● Install a real-time tracking platform that offers comprehensive insights, including elections, weather, and other trends.
● Make settings for custom notification to spot opportunities and problems in real-time.
● Monitor competitor insights to stay tuned with their new services and products on their pages.

The Upsurge in Dynamic Content Creation and Automated Actions

At times, real-time insights need an immediate call to action. In this instance, a human is no longer required to stand by to make optimizations.

Automated content generation is no longer fiction but a reality. The AI and ML-based tool can generate content in real-time for your desired inputs.


● Search for tools to share personalized content based on local conditions, requirements, content path, and others to recognize the behavior.
● Discover a platform that can monitor opportunities and activate data with real-time content personalization and optimization.

Story Telling: The Perfect Blend of Art and Science

As you dive deeper into SEO and content, you will realize that human connection plays an integral role. Apart from all things SEO services, marketers capitalize on empathy, happiness, concern, and other emotions for better reach.


● Make sure your team can combine data with emotions to win customers’ hearts.
● Your team must learn to collaborate and complement the skill sets required for good storytelling.

Closing Thoughts

The changing search prospect demands an evolving and broader content landscape. This means there is no room for average content, which increases the need for creative marketing trends to stand out from competitors' websites and have a higher ranking.

What’s your take on this?

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