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Why is Chatbot extremely Important for your Business?

Why is Chatbot extremely Important for your Business?

Your website is an excellent tool for you to showcase your business/service in the digital world, but frankly, what is the primary purpose of your website?

To get you leads and to attract customers. The website is just like a store, but it is an online format of that. What if someone has some inquiry and wants to talk with you, or they wish to discuss something? Will you provide a contact number and email for them to reach you? Do you think that all your leads will bother themselves?

According to a study, 65% of consumers prefer using a messaging app while contacting a business. Moreover, no one likes to provide their email address or phone number, unless and until they are sure that they want to buy from you.

The best solution here is a Chatbot.

A Chatbot is a software application that is used for an online chat conversation. The Chatbot can do the chatting itself using AI. The other option is to insert some keywords and relative triggered responses so that the Chatbot can answer some simple questions. If the person replies with something that is not pre-saved in the Chatbot, it will simply send the message to the customer that our representative will contact you soon.

As someone visits your website and they wish to talk to someone (your representative) they can use the Chatbot to connect to you. It is the fastest way for the customer to communicate with you.

For a business, it is essential to solving the queries of the customers. The Chatbot can be a useful tool for all the customers that visit your website, in case they want some guidance or any question, they can quickly contact you. And for existing customers, they can also use the Chatbot to connect with you in seconds.

The Chatbot is no longer the next big thing, but it is now a necessary tool that all the websites should have for customer service. Here are some points on why Chatbot is too essential for your business.

Why is Chatbot too important for your business?

Provide extensive customer assistance

When the customer visits your site, they may need some assistance in something, or they may have some queries. At that time, they can use the Chatbot to solve their query or to connect with a customer representative.  

83% of online shoppers need support during shopping. It means that if they do not receive the much-needed guidance, they may not buy anything. Now, this is a considerable risk. Suppose you have a store, you will have store representatives. Just like that, the Chatbot works as the website representative, and they can help the customer.

The customer may want to know something about your business before buying from you, or they may need extra information about a specific product, at that time, they can use the Chatbot to reach you and thus, they can get their query solved in minutes.

The customer may need some information that is already present there on your website, but if they are not able to find that information, they will not be able to go forward. In such a situation, they can ask the Chatbot about the same, and the Chatbot can explain the same to them, or they can direct the customer to that page.

Always Available

The most significant benefit of a website is that it can be visited 24*7. The customer can visit your website and shop all around the clock. But the customer representative will work during office hours only. It means that after the customer representative’s shift is over, the customer can visit your website and buy from you, but if they need some help, they have to wait for them?

Then what is the advantage of being open 24*7?

To overcome this drawback, and to have 100% customer satisfaction, you can add AI chatbots, and therefore the Chatbot will work 24*7 along with the website, and thus the customers will have the best experience around the clock.

Proactive Interaction

When someone visits your shop, your representative does go to them to greet them and to ask if they need any help. But what about the customers that visit your website. How can you be proactive in interacting with all the customers that visit your website?

You can easily connect with the customers who bought from you, but what about the visitors that visit your website? If they are not making the first move in contacting you, why not you make that move?

By having a chatbot on your website, the Chatbot can message all the users that visit your website. It doesn’t require their email address or contact number. The Chatbot package sends a welcome message or page-specific message or any message that you like to all the website visitors.

It shows the customers that you are one step ahead in your customer service process and that you care about them or their queries.

Handle similar queries easily

As I have stated earlier, the chatbots have a database that can be used to enter keywords and their responses. You may encounter some common questions, and therefore you can add those questions in the database and an answer for that, so that the next time someone asks the same problem, the Chatbot can answer from the saved reply.

For example, if the pricing of a particular product is a common question, you can add a saved reply for the same, and when someone asks for the pricing of the same product, the Chatbot will answer the problem for you.

This way, you can save as many common questions as you encounter, and therefore the Chatbot will handle all the common questions for you. Now you can spend the time held on other important work.

Night shift

No need to have your employees do the night shift. The Chatbot will handle all the queries for you.

As you can save all the common questions, if someone asks a common problem, the Chatbot will reply to them in seconds. If someone asks something out of the blue, you can save a setting in your Chatbot that if it encounters a strange question at night, it will ask the customer their email address and contact number so that you can reach the user the other day.

This way, all the common questions will be solved at night without human interaction, and if the query is not solved, you will get a way to connect to them. Thus there is no need for night shifts, and therefore this will cut down your costs too.


This digital period is a highly competitive one, and the customer is always looking for a more customized solution. If you are not able to provide the customers with the best service, they will shift to your competitor in a blink. It is high time you use all the chatbots to get the benefits as mentioned above. The Chatbot is the ultimate solution that can increase your customer satisfaction and can minimize your efforts too.

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