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Five Business Card Scanners that you should Try in 2022

Feb 15, 2022
Five Business Card Scanners that you should Try in 2022

A business card is one of the most popular ways to convey your contact information in a very professional way. You should know that business card scanner applications can easily be installed on your mobile phones. Today almost 80% of the world's population has a smartphone. So we would recommend our professional readers install the best business card scanner apps on their phones.

Gone are the days when you had to manually write down contact information or business details of a person you met. You need to get their business card and scan it with your business card scanner app. The scanner app easily recognizes all data on the card and saves it in your mobile contacts.

Today there are more than hundreds of different business card applications that you can find alone on Google play. So, choosing the best business card scanner application for your phone can be a real pain in the ass. Don t worry; in this post, we will tell you all about the five best business scanner apps that you can try in 2022.

The business cards that we have discussed in this post are quite selective. We have chosen these applications based on:

  • Ease of use
  • Digital card sharing
  • Auto sharing of contact information in phonebook
  • Multiple integrations and sharing options
  • Ability to organize, tag, and group contacts via card.
  • Device capability
  • Translations
  • And many additional features

So without any delay, let us dig into the details of the top five business card scanner apps.


The ABBYY business card scanner is undoubtedly one of the top-rated business card scanner apps. This scanner is famous because it works in more than 25 different languages. The app uses OCR and AI technology to understand the card's contents. The scanner can easily find names, numbers, and emails from a business card. Know that this business card scanner is quite intelligent as it can easily ignore all the unnecessary information on the card. This includes logos or taglines in the background. We like this business card scanner because it can automatically fill missing fields like country codes or extensions for phone numbers. Another pro feature of this app is that it can backup data on the cloud if you lose contact information from your phonebook!


This is another business card scanner that you need to get on your phone. The application is quite famous because of its interface. The interface of this application is quite friendly and interesting. You can easily understand how it works by installing it on your device. This business card scanner application can easily scan as many cards as you want and store the contact information in your phone's storage space. What we like the most about this scanner are its speed and accuracy. It can scan information from a card within less than two seconds without errors. Another pro feature about this scanner app is that you can synchronize it on your multiple devices and store information on all of them. This is a good app for you, especially if you use both tabs and mobiles for storing contact information.


This is the third online business card scanner application you can use on your mobiles. The logo and interface of this business scanner app are quite simple, so you might think that this is a very simple app. Well, this is not true; this business card scanner has tons of features that you cannot find in any other app in this league. SANSAN is one of the online business card scanner apps that scan information from cards and create a proper database to manage all your contact information. This application is powered by AI, OCR, and a dedicated team of people who are constantly working on making the lives of businessmen easy. The app is quite famous for its speed and accuracy, so we suggest you try it out!


Yes! You are thinking right; this application belongs to the famous Microsoft Inc. Microsoft Office offers you the world's best utilities that can help you enhance your productivity. Today, the office lens application is known to be one of the premium business card scanner apps. This application helps you scan business cards and complete documents, white boards, black boards, and posters. The best thing about this application is that it is extremely easy to use and accurate working. You can scan multiple documents in one go and save each page as a separate PDF file. You can also delete pages from PDF that you find unnecessary before saving data on your device. The data extracted from the physical cards or documents would be saved in your phone's storage, and a backup would also be created in Microsoft's OneNote.


Well, here comes the top business card scanner application that is free. Most people think that a free app cannot be good, but this is not the case with this business card scanner. This online scanner is free as well as reliable. With this card scanner, you can scan millions of cards without any limitation and store contact information on your mobiles. The scanner hardly takes less than three seconds to scan a card. The best thing about this business card scanner is not its free but its accuracy. Another good thing about CARD HQ is that you can use it to send scanned business cards via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other platforms. The cards would be saved in image formats, but you can easily convert image into PDF with online tools if you want to!

Final Thoughts

Business card scanners have become the need of the day for most people in business. Today, you can easily store contact information using business cards rather than manually typing down different persons' names, numbers, or emails. Just like digital wallets are getting a trend, so are business card scanners. So today, if you want to save the contact information of a person on your phone, we suggest you try out any of the above-discussed apps!

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