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7 Simple Business Analyst Blogs to Follow

7 Simple Business Analyst Blogs to Follow

Blogs are one of many ways to learn about new things and jumpstart careers. For expert business analysts, this may seem like child’s play. However, for the person who has just been certified, or who is interested in going into the business analysis profession, it can be hard figuring out where to go, or what useful sites to visit. Countless blogs in the BA industry fill the Internet, promising to give good tips and advice to the novice looking to become successful.

But there’s no need to dig around on the Internet for reputable sites. The BA novice can save some time by checking out the following blogs:

Bob the BA

Don’t let the title fool you. Bob Prentiss is an actual BA, and he’s here to help! Thought-provoking opinion pieces and a regular dose of wisdom from Prentiss is a good blog to consider, especially if you’re new to the profession. You can take comfort in the simple blog format, and learn from the master. Take it from an actual business analyst who’s been in your shoes and knows the ropes!

Business Analyst Times

This is a go-to BA blog, if you want tips on the fly, and fulfilling webinars that make sense. In addition, BA Times has a library of resources, which will help any novice get started on knowing the game. It offers a wide range of articles, webinars, whitepapers, templates, job listings and conference listings, and other great resources for the BA novice in mind. So, not only can BA newbies learn the art of the trade, but also practice it along the way.


This unique blog actually gets tips from other successful BAs. Set up in a simple, easy-to-read Q&A format, interviews and testimonies make this site special in a way that people can say, “We can learn from each other.” “Just keep in mind, that this site doesn’t post every day; but when they do post something, they pride themselves in putting out content that is both creative (like their logo) and useful in this industry”, says Victoria Bishop, a business writer at Boomessays and Australian reviewer.

Modern Analyst

BAs, Systems Analysts, Requirements Engineers and even Product Managers will take note of this blog. Modern Analyst has a library of informative posts on software programming. Ranging from software prototyping, Agile, and other much-needed tips on what’s required and what the challenges are, this is a modern, and updated, take on the BA profession. Another perk that the site has is that users, both expert and community members, can post about their experiences and knowledge inside the forums. In this way, like Justinmind, BAs can all learn from each other.

Practical Analyst

Jonathan Babcock is an expert when it comes to business analysis. Learn from the BA expert, as he talks about the solution delivery methodologies, goes in depth on process optimization, as well as shares his own experiences and his approach in the profession. In summary, Babcock is another vet who knows the art of the BA and has interacted with the right people; again, don’t let the title fool you.


Want fresh and insightful stories on how to become a BA? TechWell is your companion! The site offers various stories from professionals, and keeps you updated on the industry’s latest news in development, project management, testing, Agile, DevOps, and lots more on the profession itself. “Every blog post is written by BA professionals; so, you’ll be getting the best advice that’s out there. And, since this site is always updating its content, it should be the Bible for every BA student and personnel”, explains Martha Guillen, a tech blogger at Writemyaustralia and Ukservicesreviews.

The BA Coach

This site is a must-go-to, especially if you’re studying for those tedious CBAP/CCBA certifications. A much-needed cheat-sheet for the BA novice, The BA Coach adds value to the profession by posting fresh content on a regular basis. The site also has a toolkit section where you can learn about the best practices that a BA can utilize in their practice. But the most fun part of the experience is that not only can you read the content, but you can also listen to content with their library of podcast episodes. If you’re a podcast-lover and want words of advice straight-up, then this blog is for you!


Many blogs will tell you how to be successful in an industry such as business analysis. However, following the most reliable blogs out there is a definitely good way of succeeding in this trade. Whether you’re a senior BA who wants current ideas along with refreshers, or a newly certified BA looking to put your newly-learned skills to work, these seven BA blogs not only have you covered, but you’ll be glad to know that they’ve also been in your shoes some time or another.

So, what are you waiting for? Start getting to know these blogs today by signing up for their email newsletters and by following them on social media to stay informed.

Molly Crockett, a technical and marketing writer at University assignments service and OX Essays, enjoys sharing her experience and tips with her audience. Her area of expertise is digital and social media marketing as well as using technological options to improve business processes. She is also a writing teacher at Big Assignments.

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