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5 Reasons Why Every Millennial Should Consider Working In a Start-up

Jul 22, 2020
5 Reasons Why Every Millennial Should Consider Working In a Start-up

Many millennials have entrepreneurial qualities / skills that are valuable for startup businesses. But factors such as lack of job security and low pay make them apply for jobs with big companies.

Deloitte's Millennial Survey of 2014 found that millennial workers make up roughly 35 percent of the workforce. And this percentage is to become 75 by 2025. This data proves that Millennials are in high demand in the labor market.

Some millennials can be proud, impatient, and entitled. Yet, most are hardworking, entrepreneurial, and innovative problem solvers. This makes them the best hires and the right fit for any business.

Startups provide a conducive environment for knowledge sharing. It also gives an avenue for millennials to learn the requirements to start a personal business. But the long hours, workload, and lack of security make millennials want to work for established corporations.

Big companies offer a better structure and lesser workload for their employees. Also, there are lots of perks such companies provide. This article will give millennials five reasons why they should work for a startup.

#1. Quicker to Climb the Ladder

It is faster to attain positions of leadership in a startup. This gives the possibility of earning a lot of money in the future. But, there is a lot of passion and sacrifice that goes into having a successful company. The long hours sacrificed in making sure this startup succeeds is worth it.

There will be late nights, working on weekends and holidays. But this fosters discipline, comradeship, and innovation. In most big companies, rising above the ranks is slow and sometimes impossible. There will always be a glass ceiling. This makes it impossible to achieve your full potential in such companies.

With startups, there is no limit to how far you can climb and how much you can earn. It all depends on how innovative and successful the business becomes.

#2. Startups Promote Innovative Ideas

The need to be relevant is one of the primary aims of startups. Startup founders understand that if their company does not innovate, they will never become relevant. Hence, they provide their employees with the opportunity to showcase their brilliance.

An employee who can come up with products/services that will capture their consumers' interest plays a huge role in the growth of the business. Working in a startup might come with a lot of pressure to produce new ideas. Yet there is a sense of achievement and pride in establishing a company and seeing ideas come to life.

#3. Startups Help Build Resilience

Startups make you deal with uncertainty, which can be tough. Humans love comfort and certainty, but comfort and certainty does not promote resilience and growth. When you are in your comfort zone, there is little opportunity to learn new things.

There could be a last-minute change in plan or an overnight shift in strategy, which can be exhausting. Yet, you will have to provide a credible solution. For example, using essay service writing reviews like Best Writers Online might be what you need to solve a content writing issue.

#4. They Provide a Flexible Structure and Work Hours

According to Forbes, '77 percent of millennials say that flexible work hours are a key to productivity in the workplace'. Millennials are not enthusiastic about nine to five jobs with fixed hours. They prefer to work in a place where they can complete their work at home.

Capital is a significant setback for startups, necessitating that they use freelancers to get some of their work done. Millennial job seekers prefer registering on freelance websites like Free Up to find freelance jobs. And also, many content service writing reviews sites like Online Writers Rating are well known for hiring remote workers.

Startups provide the flexibility that suits the temperaments of the majority of Millenials.

#5. Startups help you become Responsible

Every individual working in a startup plays a role in the company's growth. You will take on responsibilities that you thought you were not ready for and will have to perform. This can make working for a startup a challenge, but it helps you grow as an individual. You become creative when you realize you have to deliver on work.

In Conclusion

Millennials think of jobs differently than previous generations. This makes them the perfect fit for startups. Many startups need employees to work alone. This factor fosters an environment of creativity and innovation. We hope these reasons have been able to convince you to take that startup job.

Author Bio:
Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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