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Brand Reputation Competition: 7 Tips from Leaders of Video Marketing

Feb 17, 2021
Brand Reputation Competition: 7 Tips from Leaders of Video Marketing

Consumers of video content are on the rise as thousands of videos are uploaded online daily. Video is visually engaging compared to other forms of content, making it one of the better options for boosting site traffic.

If your marketing videos are competitive and relevant, you can easily build your brand trust, pull clients, and help them make purchase decisions. Video marketing helps boost consumer understanding of the good or service being marketed. Video motion is engaging and helps the consumer stay on to the end of the clip.

Know why you want to use videos

The question why is important before you think to engage in video marketing. Different businesses and individuals will have different reasons why they would want to use videos for marketing purposes.

Some desire to pull traffic to their social media accounts so that they become influencers in that field and attract advertisers who would want to use their social media account(s) in return for cash.

A leading digital marketer who is currently handling accounts of a dissertation service and a professional assignment writer agency says that another entity will target video marketing because they are promoting the goods or services of another entity for a commission. Such entities can fall into the categories of marketing agencies, affiliate marketers, and commission-based sellers.

Still, someone or business could be the owner or producer of the goods or services and their reason for video marketing would be to attract buyers for upward mobility of their businesses.

Choose the right type of video

Once you’ve established the reason why it will time to decide which type of video is right for your product or service. An expert marketer for an assignment helper website, EssayWritingLand, lists the different types of videos that you can make use of in promoting your brand reputation.

Demonstrative videos: These videos target to explain the way your product functions. If it’s software, you give a demo on how it works in the hope that once they gain understanding, they will buy the software.

Branding videos: They are videos that give an overall picture of the business in question. The videos showcase the company’s catalog of products or services.

Explainers: They convince consumers why it’s important they buy the products or services.

Animation: They help explain complex concepts and can be a great target for the younger generation.

Choose the right platform

There are different types of platforms you can use but you must be choosy when deciding which one to pick. Each one will define your video length and content.

Social media: Social media platforms are many and each has its unique guidelines and terms of use. You must read and understand the terms of use for each platform to avoid breaching privacy and use rules.

Blogs: Blogs are great video marketing tools and can help you pull traffic using short or long video content. If you are new to video blogging, you can search to find out who’s accepting guest posts and utilize their blog.

Know your target market

It’s time now to look into your target market. There are several approaches to this: revisit the first point why you want to use video and based on that point, register your expected outcome. The expected outcome will dictate the path you will follow.

The marketing head of coursework writing site, My-Assignment.Help, says that you can first look into demographics and establish which age bracket is the best fit to consume your product/services. If your brand is sanitary products, your main consumers will be nursing mothers and generally women.

Your target market could also be B2B, in which case you will look deeper into the market to see which business niche is likely to buy your product or services. If you are selling accounting software, accounting firms and auditors could be a great target.

Choose the right content

You cannot establish your brand reputation if you use the wrong content for the right market. The key is promoting your brand against competition until it becomes a top brand. If you are a producer of baby products, video animations can be relatable to children and moms.

Teenagers, on the other hand, are vibrant to motion and identity. Any video content that incorporates dancing will likely be consumed by teenagers.

The younger adults and older adults will mostly consume content that is direct to the point and shows the value for their money.

Finally, businesses must see value in your product or services both in the short and long term. More importantly, businesses must know if you will offer training on how to use your products.

Timing is key

If you want your product or service to thrust up and pick pace within the shortest time possible, timing shall be key. Take your time and search out what kind of answers people are looking for online and if your product or service can offer solutions to the questions, it will be a timely chance to launch your campaign at that very moment within the specific platform.

If you are marketing a seasonal product or service, know when to launch your marketing. For example, if you are targeting to make big sales during the Halloween season, do not start marketing in June, but wait until around mid-October.

You could be selling school uniforms and stationery, and the best time could be when schools are opening, especially in the first semester.

Build your brand

After doing all the groundwork and launching your marketing campaigns, do not stop, but continue building your brand. You will build your brand fast if you keep an updated presence on your chosen platform. There is a big difference between a video marketer who posts once a month and the one who posts once a week. The latter is likely to make huge sales.

Instead of sticking to one platform, be intuitive and creative, and customize content for a different platform. Online users consume information differently and you must be proactive in understanding what kind of content is fit for each platform.

Keep the clients engaged either through promotions, contests, and discounts. Other forms of marketing like v-letters, v-demos, and v-blogs can be great tools in building your brand.


Building a unique brand reputation is a journey that cannot be halted once it starts. You must continue building upon your set milestones and improve on your areas of weakness until your brand becomes a top brand. There could be challenges at the initial stages but any marketer who resolutely focuses on their mission and vision rarely fails to hit their target. Many brands are pushing their way to the top, but unique brands arrive there first.

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