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15 of the Best Graphic Design Blogs for Inspiration in 2021

15 of the Best Graphic Design Blogs for Inspiration in 2021

Good design concepts are timeless. Yet you are always looking for something more inventive and inspired. If you're only starting out in the market, an accomplished artist keeping an eye on the state of the industry, or just starting to consider the possibility of becoming a graphic designer, graphic design inspiration blogs are an amazing resource for artists.

Reading graphic design inspiration websites frequently and reading about the subjects can help you keep track of the latest trends and how they change. When you hit a brick wall, it will shower you with the zesty juice of creativity. it will help you come up with innovative solutions to typical challenges in graphic design, especially if your graphic design tool you use allows for advanced tactics.

But it's not just artists who can profit from reading blogs on graphic design. If you are a product designer or you are from a non-creative environment, you too will benefit from introducing to your weekly reading list a bit of creative imagery and prose.

As creative types, from time to time you can get caught in your own brain. And the lack of exposure to new ways of looking at things will influence the quality of your work. Since you love to look at it from a fresh perspective, to keep you inspired, here is a preview of the 15 best graphic design inspiration blogs:

  1. Design Week: - Design Week, established in 1986, was the leading design publication in the UK until 2011 when it became online-only. Good quality, well-written news, and graphic design inspiration continue to carry you across graphics, branding, interiors, multimedia, product, decor, and more.

  2. High On Design: - High on Design is a blog that covers both ends of the visual continuum produced by the Wix Design team. From interviews with designers to book reviews and posts that explore experience and theory, the blog has everything. What's more, to keep the concept juices going, they have curated a monthly playlist.

  3. The Inspiration Grid: - The name really says it all. The Inspiration Grid is a grid of inspirational photographs and design projects. it covers aesthetics and even business all over the world. you can tap on a picture, and the rest of the sequence created by a particular artist will open.  You'll enjoy this if you're into mood boards or having lots of different models that are exhibited in one place.

  4. Illustration Age: - The name really says it all. The Inspiration Grid is a grid of inspirational images and design projects that cover aesthetics and even business all over the world. Fantastic graphic design inspiration blog for budding designers.

  5. Canva’s Design School: - Canva is known for being an inexpensive platform that can be used by both experts and amateur designers to build their own projects. But, they have a fantastic blog as well for graphic design inspiration. The material is diverse, ranging from support for graphic designers with business card design to best practices.

  6. Adobe Create Magazine: - Adobe Creative Magazine, now available as an app. it is a go-to for graphic designers who need ideas, tutorials, and knowledge on the new trends. By participating in popular design competitions or getting helpful tips for working in Photoshop, hone your skills. Adobe Creative Magazine is your best guide. regardless of whether you're searching for a bright new font or need some graphic design inspiration.

  7. Designhill: - The go-to for learning about what artistic pioneers are up to is Designhill. it Filters thousands of blogs, such as advertisement, brand design, and technology, by unique topics for you. You will find that and more on Designhill whether you are trying to design a logo for packaging or in search of innovative lettering designs. For some fine graphic design inspiration, click through their blogs.

  8. Women of Graphic Design: - Women of Graphic Design is a source of learning, culture, and conversation for all designers. if you are a woman in the industry or looking to know more about how you can help female designers. This blog is a source of graphic design inspiration for initiatives relating to gender and diversity and recognizes the contributions women have made to graphic design.

  9. Identity Designed: - Identity Designed is about the identity of the brand. Each showcase explores the design branding choices along with perspectives from the designers. About what influenced or guided such decisions, far beyond featuring excellent work.

  10. Creative Overflow: - For its culture of artists coming together, Quirky designers will enjoy Creative Overflow. To boost your creative flow, you'll find new design tools, tutorials, and inspiration.

  11. Creative Bloq: - Creative Bloq strives to provide a regular dose of design ideas and inspiration for its fans. Articles in Creative Bloq cover all design aspects, including 3D, illustration, and animation for graphic design inspiration.

  12. Grain Edit: - Grain Edit is a modern style blog that reflects on the 1950s through the 1970s on the "classics," fantastic design work. They also highlight modern designers with a sense of throwback. designers looking for graphic design inspiration, it's a good resource.

  13. One Extra Pixel: - For people who want to learn, One Extra Pixel sees itself as' a digital playground. It will help you keep on top of the design game. how? With its step-by-step instructions and design tips and tricks.

  14. You the Designer: - You the designer, consider it as a "lifestyle blog for graphic design. It strives to deliver to your hands all of the industry's cutting-edge trends.

  15. SideBar: - SideBar does not produce any content of its own. it curates a list of five posts from across the web every day on different design subjects. A regular check of SideBar could be just what you need if you're looking for graphic design inspiration.

Well, we definitely hope this boosts your imaginative spirit-from logo design to typography to get your nostalgia on.

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