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15 Amazing Ideas to Change the World with Future Technology

Mar 12, 2021
15 Amazing Ideas to Change the World with Future Technology

Future Technology That Could Change the World

We have had technological innovations that are quite amazing. Whoever thought a machine could learn and mimic human behavior. Well, AI came in and changed the game.

Did you ever think you would experience foreign places without physically being there? Well, virtual reality can make you a world traveler right from your living room.

Researchers are working on future technology that could change our lives forever. So what are the top 15?

1. Space Trips

Forget about local holiday destinations. The face of future space technology is changing. Soon, you may book a trip to space thanks to companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic.

Initially, only a successful entrepreneur may afford a seat, but the rest of us can hope.

2. Energy In Bricks

Imagine the bricks that built your home being an energy source as well. Washington University is working on future technology that will make regular bricks possess the qualities of rechargeable batteries.

3. Living Robots

Living robots are the exact definition of cool future technology. The idea is a brainchild of Tuft university researchers.

Only a millimeter long, the xenobots can self-heal. It can also seek payloads and carry them back to designated spots. Talk about amazing future robotic technology.  

4. Water Into Wine

The only reference we know about water turning into wine is in the Christian Bible. But now, another cool future technology will make it possible to do this. Singaporean scientists have come up with the Vocktail glass. Connect it to the mobile app and have the drink of your choice.

5. Robot Guide Dogs

Future education technology has led to a breakthrough at Loughborough University. A student has come up with a robot guide dog, Theia, which pretty much behaves like a normal one. The difference in this amazing future technology is that it is a handheld device.

The device uses Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG). It then processes real-time data to lead the user away from danger safely. Such data includes traffic, weather, and any other obstructions, including people.

6. 3D Printing for Everything

3D printing is already almost everywhere. It is in construction, medicine and manufacturing. Soon the very food you eat could be 3D printed.

7. Speech To Text Jewelry

Forget about typing. Just speak, and your jewelry will turn it to text. All these thanks to the Senstone pendant.

8. Flying Cars

Future technology inventions to look forward to are flying cars. Imagine the days when staying in traffic jams for hours will be a thing of the past.

9. Sweat Powered Batteries

We have the University of Glasgow to thank for the sweat-powered batteries. The supercapacitor will use your sweat to charge the battery ions. The sustainable product will do away with toxic material that you will typically find in regular batteries. Best of all, your sweat does not go to waste.

10. Superfast Train Travel

Imagine cutting down a 3-hour journey to only thirty minutes. Future technology news shows that Elon Musk's team is hard at work, developing a pod-driven train.

11. PH Detecting Packaging

You can now determine the freshness of your food with PH detecting packaging. Targeting perishable foods, the color of the packaging will change to let you know that the food is going bad.

This fantastic future technology is a collaboration between Brazilian and American scientists operating under the company Braskem.

12. Self-Driving Cars

Movie buffs have seen more than their fair share of self-driving vehicles. Knight Rider, Christian, Demolition Car, and Maximum Overdrive are some of the movies. Well, Future technology predictions show it may happen sooner than most people think. Google, Tesla, and BMW are already in developmental phases.

13. Self Healing Cars

Car technicians may not appreciate the self-healing invention. But imagine a car that can self-heal. The researchers at MIT and Lamborghini are looking for suitable polymers to kick-start the project.

14. Downloadable Brain Technology

Future technology in homes could have you control devices just by thinking about the action. Another Elon Musk Project going by the name Neuralink will allow you to download your brain onto a device in your mind.

And, this interesting future technology could find its way into the field of medicine. The designers predict that it could provide relief from memory loss, blindness, paralysis, and stroke prevention.

If there is any future technology invention that could impact people's lives positively, it will be the Neuralink.

15. Tactile or Epidermal VR

The future of internet technology is about to get very interesting. Virtual Reality (VR) is already such a thrill. Now imagine touch being part of the experience.

You probably would not want to watch a horror movie with such future technology.  But there are groups of people who will benefit immensely from tactile or epidermal VR.  Such include amputees who can use the technology to get back the sense of touch.

Developmental stages are well underway at Northwestern University.  There is already a prototype in existence with some happy beneficiaries.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at future technologies that will change our lives massively. Think about the number of man-hours you will save during commutes with flying cars.  Program the self-driving vehicle to do deliveries or drop the kids to school.

Control devices within your home by just thinking about them.  Most importantly, the field of medicine will change drastically with some inventions. Doctors will use the living robots in human bodies to detect illnesses and collect relevant samples.

The robotic guide dog provides the convenience of the real thing. But, here is the good part, it comes without the associated cost of having a dog.  No visits to the vet, no cleaning up after the dog, or any other maintenance aspect. Tactile or epidermal VR can help amputees regain the sense of touch again.  

Is there any future technology that you are looking forward to? Please share your thoughts with us.

Author’s Bio:

Emily Moore is an English & programming teacher with a passion for space and blogging. She believes that current exploration should be focused on preserving our planet’s resources. With satellites circling the orbit, it is easier to get relevant data on any environmental changes. This, in turn, should help people quickly address any challenges.

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