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What a Great Promo Email Should Look Like

What a Great Promo Email Should Look Like

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways for you to pitch new offers and promos to your clients. It is imperative however that the company understands the right way to go about this, so as not to spam or appear disingenuous to loyal customers. Some companies get this very wrong and it leads to customers being turned off by the approach. There are some companies which get this right, such as an email which I received recently regarding their online casino games at Novibet, which really took the right approach. Using that email as an example, here is what a great promo email should look like.

Straight to The Point

There is very much a need for promo emails to get right to the point of the email, rather than overdoing the content. Ultimately you have a very small window before someone decides that they are no longer going to read the email, which doesn’t give much time to deliver the message. Many companies look to fill out these emails with supporting information, but that should all be featured below the main point of the email.

Making It Personal

If you are not making this email personal then you are going to lose interest very quickly. Just consider the amount of promo emails that someone may receive on a daily basis, they are looking for reasons to ignore and delete, which is why mentioning someone’s name at the very least is going to be so important. The more personal that the email is, the more chance of that person reading and engaging with the email.

Be Honest

Some of the worst promo emails which you are likely to see are those which promise the moon on a stick, which is a surefire way to spot spam. Getting customers to engage with your promotions is not about giving them some false hope, but rather giving them the absolute truth about what exactly you are offering. Consider just how suspicious people are, and how quickly they will be to delete any email which they just don’t believe. This is exactly why it is so crucial that you don’t bluster in the email, but rather keep the information simple, truthful and direct.

Subject Line Promo

A stat which may encourage you here with regards to the subject line, is that some 47% of emails are opened based solely on the subject line, these are great odds for you and your business to work with. What this means for you is that those characters are going to be critical for the success of your email, and you need to get it right. Ultimately you need to make sure that the subject line in your email features the promo in question. If you only feature the promo in the body of the email then your customers may never even see it, as they will delete the email before opening.

These are some of the most important aspects to pay attention to when you are writing out a promo email.

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