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Best Web Development Stack for Developers

Best Web Development Stack for Developers

The demand for websites has increased exponentially. With progressive technologies, the tech industry has redefined the development process. Different web stacks ensure timely delivery and meet the industry-standard tech innovation.

What is Tech Stack?

A tech stack is defined as the combination of different technologies to build applications or websites. The process of the tech stack is also known as a “solutions stack”.

Different technologies consist of programming languages, frameworks, databases, frontend tools, backend tools, and applications connected via APIs.

This blog has listed the most popular web tech stacks that will rule in the upcoming years.

Web Development Stack that developers should know

The MEAN Technology Stack

MEAN is the topmost and most popular software stack. It refers to a set of technology layers that helps to build modern web applications. The MEAN Stack-based solutions are fully built on Javascript, and it is based on open source technology and supports both backend and frontend development.

The MEAN Stack technology stack consist of -

  • MongoDB (NoSQL DB)
  • Express.js (backend web framework)
  •  Angular.js (front-end framework)
  • Node.js (open source cross-platform server)

The MEAN Stack technology is used to develop complex, scalable, and highly efficient mobile and web responsive applications.

Advantages of MEAN

MEAN technology stack offers a wide range of benefits -

  • Help developers to sort the complex development challenges
  • By choosing the right plugins and tools, programmers can save a considerable amount of time and make the development process easier and faster
  • Offers faster deployment of web applications, API’s, and websites
  • Ensures to deliver interactive websites and opt for all the advanced functionalities
  • Freely available as open-source
  • Reduce the execution time of the development process.
  •  Deliver fast real-time web applications.

The MERN Technology Stack

MERN is similar to the MEAN technology stack, and it is a Javascript-based technology used for easier and faster deployment of websites.

MERN Stack consists of 4 technologies - MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. In MERN technology, React is used instead of Angular, which provides a full library source and allows developers to use codes simultaneously.

Moreover, React is a popular framework that refers to a Javascript library to build interactive user interfaces. The main aim of React is to deliver flexible and high-performance-oriented solutions. Also, it helps in single-page application development.

MERN technology is wrapped with an extensive range of testing tools based on open source and supports a vast community.

Advantages of MERN

  • Developers can leverage tremendous support of different libraries and code due to open-source features.
  • Apart from libraries, MERN technology also has extensive support for various tools that turn the development process faster and smoother.
  • MERN technology is affordable and allows developers to deliver robust, secure, and high-performance solutions.

The MEVN Technology Stack

MEVN is also similar to the MEAN technology stack. In MEVN, the frontend web development framework, Vue.js is replaced with Angular.js. Hence, Vue technology has gained immense popularity among developers as it incorporates the features of both React and Angular.

Apart from features, Vue.js offers an extensive set of tools. Compared to Angular.js, Vue.js offers lightweight solutions and leverages third-party integration with the help of web app developers to add on features.

Advantages of MEVN

  • Support of Vue.js helps to make the size of files smaller and faster to download
  • Easy to learn and deliver high performance-based solutions
  • Strong focus on UI
  • Allow developers to handle animations, prototypes, and interactive graphics easily

Ruby on Rails Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails, or Rails, is a server-side web application framework. ROR is written in the Ruby programming language and includes HTML, CSS, and JS. It helps build interactive user interfaces and XML or JSON for data transfer.

The Ruby on Rails technology is based on open source and object-oriented dynamic programming languages that ensure increased flexibility.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails Tech Stack

  • Define structure of web pages and databases  
  • Provide error-free detailed log
  • Offers supportive SEO based URLs
  • Helps in data management
  • Allows to deliver bug-free applications

Flutter Technology stack

Created by Google, Flutter is a popular technology stack that supports cross-platform development (Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux).

Advantages of Flutter

  • Offers high performance
  • Saves both time and money for developers
  • Wrapped high-end integrations and libraries.


With the advent of technologies, several tools and frameworks are introduced. Choosing the right web tech stack has turned into a daunting task. In this blog, we have listed top web development stacks that are highly popular and help launch successful websites that meet specific business goals. 

If you're looking to build a project with Vue.js, consider hiring a Vue.js developer to take advantage of its lightweight solutions and extensive toolset, allowing for efficient third-party integration and feature additions.

He is Tech Consultant at Hidden Brains, a leading Mobile & Web development company specializing in mobile & web applications, IoT, Cloud and Big Data services. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups and large enterprises build their brand.

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