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8 Types of Visual Content That Boost Your Traffic

8 Types of Visual Content That Boost Your Traffic

Visual content has started having an enormous impact on search engine optimization, driving more meaningful traffic to the site. Once users start familiarizing themselves with the visual content you share with them and just anticipate the next one you’ll post, Google can rank your site higher on SERPs.

Also, using different types of video content counts in the ranking points most search engines consider. Therefore, it is important to effectively use visual content that boosts website traffic. Here are some great types of visual content you should be using to get more visitors on your site.

Using photos to boost traffic

Photos are a great way to engage incoming traffic but the concept of SEO for images is rather outlandish for some. By using alt text, you can optimize search engine rankings, especially in the Google photo results.  

Users might then click on the link, which will lead them directly to your website. Also, using authentic images can help boost customer engagements with the website and they might start following it loyally.

Optimizing website traffic through video content

Internet users watch billions of hours of video content each month. This signals the efficacy of using video content to gain more traffic on your website. If you frequently post video content, the chances of getting more traffic increase.

A marketing essay writer says that you can also get recurring users that enjoy the content posted on the website. Video content that directs viewers to the website can also be used on other channels such as Youtube and social media.

Interactive and static infographics

Infographics are an incredible source of information and mostly because the data is presented in an easy to digest manner. You have two options when creating infographics and it is using static or interactive designs.

Interactive infographics can be more immersive and provide a great user experience. You can enhance the SEO practices by including a summary of what the infographic is about to help search engines rank the web page.

Visual call-to-actions

To get more traffic on the website, you should also use visual call-to-actions because it indicates a positive relationship between yourself and customers. The call-to-actions you use on-site could be leading them to a different web page or asking users to sign up for your newsletter.

Alternatively, you can use these visuals call-to-action to draw more visitors to the website. Creating beautiful banners for Youtube videos and appealing posters for social media channels can drive more traffic to the site.

Interactive surveys or quizzes

Quizzes and surveys displayed in a visually aesthetic manner tend to attract more traffic to the website. Depending on the industry you are in, there are various options to consider when generating these interactive surveys or quizzes.

For example, you might be asking customer opinions on a certain matter. On the other hand, you might be asking them to rate your website. In either case, ensure that it is beautiful and optimized for mobile devices.

Data visualization

If your website processes a good amount of data, users might not be very keen on following if the content is just plain words. Even if you might use tables and sheets to display the data, it might not be enough to keep users engaged.

Once users start bouncing the website, you will start experiencing less traffic because of being ranked lower on SERPs. To work around this problem, visualize most, if not all, the data you share to create a positive user experience.

Creating dynamic GIFs

GIFs have started being commonplace in marketing activities. It is used on various platforms, from social media posts to website content created to entertain an entire company’s audience.

There are various types of GIFs you can create. Some of the most effective include animated and regular GIFs. Another one that has started gaining momentum is cinemagraphic GIFs, which entail one part of the image moving while everything else is static.

Visual presentations

Visual presentations can work very well for websites with some content that can be better presented in image slides. Sometimes an outright presentation can work very well to drive more traffic.

Some visitors are looking for that specific content and creating it engagingly guarantees more traffic. You might also want to directly mention that this page has a presentation because some might include it in their searches.

The bottom line

Visual content should be a great part of your SEO, especially with technologies such as Google Assistant on the rise. All of the latest developments are signaling a big shift in SEO that focuses greatly on visual content. Therefore, you need to get ahead of this upcoming change and start ingraining various types of visual content right away.

Author Bio:

John Peterson is an academic writer working with essay writing help and has 4 years’ experience. He’s also good at writing dissertations and thesis and is a guest contributor to London magazine “Shop&Buy” and is currently writing a novel tentatively titled ‘Decoding a successful mind.’ You can find him on FB.

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