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What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Video Creators

Mar 31, 2021
What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Video Creators

You either love or you hate Wikipedia. For many people, it’s just so easy to use as a starting point for any research or question you’re trying to answer. Nevertheless, it doesn’t know everything. In fact, you won’t find any information when you search for ‘video creator’. Even searching for ‘Promo Editor’ doesn’t give you any results even though editing promotional videos online is now a common need these days. So, check out that link if you want to discover one of the easiest editor tools to use when you make a video.

What Wikipedia Doesn’t Say About a Video Creator

Let’s now explore what you need to know about an online video maker, as detailed below:

  • The best video maker
  • Available software
  • How to use a video creator
  • Maximizing a Video Editor

The Best Video Maker

Depending on your needs, you’ll want to know the best online video editor for when you make a video. Perhaps you’re creating some marketing content for your business or simply making a family video? Whatever it is, you can get started by listing some key attributes you need.

For example, do you value price versus functionality when you make videos? Alternatively, perhaps you’re more interested in having a large library of templates to choose from rather than doing some heavy customization? Some online video maker tools combine most of these things for you so then you need to choose based on the price versus package on offer.

You might not be interested in the details of the software you’re using when you make a video. Actually, most of us just want something professional and of high-quality without having to think about what’s going on behind the scenes. Having said that, it might be interesting to know that there’s clearly a difference between Windows, Mac, and Android applications.

The main differences are between the look and feel of the interfaces as well as the number of effects you can add. For example, Blender was originally designed for 3D animation and so has lots of fun effects that are probably more geared towards advanced editors. On the flip side, you can check out Avidemux with its simple interface and friendly editor tools designed for beginners.

How to Use a Video Creator

One of your burning questions might be how easy are we talking? Well, it really is as easy as doing a few simple clicks to use an online video maker. You basically open your video maker, choose a video template, and drag and drop any video content you have. Of course, you don’t have to include your own content. Either way, you can then open the editor settings and choose the options you want to use. These include transitions, color, and animations, for example.

Maximizing a Video Editor

How can you best use your video editor? Some might say that you should maximize all the functions available to you. However, it’s really about making it work for you. If you want something that’s easy to use then keep it simple and don’t add too many effects.

Whatever you choose though, make sure you have a fast computer that can keep up. There’s also a great rule in the video editing world that might come in handy. Following the 321 Rule means keeping 3 copies of everything in at least 2 different places, including one physically separate location.

Some of the Most Commonly Used Video Maker Tools

There are many options of tools available but here are some of the names that consistently come up:

  • Adobe
  • Filmora

Promo is one of the easiest online video maker tools that specializes in marketing content. With over 3000 video templates and music to choose from, it guarantees to support your business with top-notch marketing videos. Furthermore, it’s one of the few platforms that offer exceptional customer service and guidance on distribution, including social media.


This brand comes up time and time again either for its Spark option or the Premiere Pro-Cut. It’s accessible to professionals and beginners alike and has great storing capabilities with its cloud structure.


Another video editing example with lots of features although it’s not available on Linux. Its interface is generally very accessible even though it also includes more advanced features. You can therefore learn as you go along. They also offer a large library of music for you to add to your videos.

Final Thoughts on Working with A Video Creator

It’s worth doing a bit of research to find the right video creator for you. Although, try not to overthink it. If this is your first video then start simple and build up from there. Remember that trial and error is a great approach especially with most of these tools available for free. So, plan out what you need and have fun with it and you'll soon be able to download your video and proudly distribute it on social media.

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