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Turn your Facebook Profile Picture into a Video

Jun 21,2016
Turn your Facebook Profile Picture into a Video

In case your profile picture seems too static to you, Facebook is offering you the option of making your profile picture into a 7 seconds looping video.

You can make a Facebook profile video from both iOS and Android App for Facebook. Take a New Profile Video or Select Profile Video is the option that shows up on your iOS app when you tap on the profile picture while the Android App shows the option Upload Video or Photo.

The iOS App lets you trim videos longer than 7 seconds to be used as profile video whereas the Android App facilitates no such trimming of videos. You have to choose videos either 7 seconds long or less when working with Android for Facebook. iOs also lets you mute the sound of your profile videos but no such thing can be done with Android. Also, you cannot make a temporary Facebook profile video unlike the temporary profile picture, be it with the iOS or the Android App.

You can select a thumbnail from your profile video which will show up in your Facebook’s newsfeed. Only when people visit your profile page will they be able to see your video. This is done in order to add some flair to the user’s profile without making their newsfeed overly distracting. Now ditch your profile picture for a fun looping profile video and get going on Facebook.

To view a live example of a Facebook profile video please click the link below:

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