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Top 5 Social Media Trends You Are Likely To Witness In 2018

Top 5 Social Media Trends You Are Likely To Witness In 2018

In the year 2017, we saw numerous trends that came forward with the social media platform. Some trends benefit businesses while other help social users to connect and get aware of their friend's activity.

With more and more brands trying to connect with audiences the business competition is also increasing in the social channels.

Therefore, it’s vital for social media users to quickly figure the best engagement methods for the upcoming year.

Here are five crucial social media trends that will maximize your social media strategy in 2018.

 1. Live Video Streaming
With the introduction of hi-speed internet and mobile devices, it becomes easy for social media users to adopt the trend of live streaming in their busy lives.

Due to the high popularity of live video, Facebook and other popular forums will introduce better options with a live streaming facility in the coming year. This is because social media users are demanding more live content like never before.

This trend will provide great opportunities to brand owners as well to maximize their product awareness over digital platforms.

2. Augmented Reality
Social media is the basic factor in augmented reality's quick adoption. AR features are changing the way people engage with social media to share their experience with their friends and family members.

It is predicted that the new trend, will create a more immersive and appealing experience for social media users through augmented reality (AR).

This is why many marketing experts have said that AR and VR, is the future of social engagement.

3. Virtual Reality
This technology has the potential to upgrade the social media experience for both consumers and marketers. And this is why it is considered among the top trends of 2018.

Many experts define Virtual Reality an entirely visual environment that gives the user the feeling of being in that environment.

The new trend will allow users to experience VR is through a headset which is easily available at a cheap price.

Anyone could easily connect VR headset with their smartphone to engage in virtual environments over social media platform.

4. More Engaging Content
Nobody likes content that is written on a boring topic or not related to their interest. This is why it is expected that social media platform will especially focus on the quality of content. If you’re a marketer then you can also interact with your target audience more effectively with an engaging post.

For this, you will need to figure out the interest of your audience to craft relevant content. It’s a fact that three out of four social media users get frustrated when content isn't fit with their interests.

Gone are days when marketers create and share the irrelevant post for social media marketing. Thus, focus on this major trend to make the most of the social media platform.

5. Focus On Mobile Users
According to Facebook statistics, it is come to know that 80 percent of the company's ad revenue generated from mobile ads.

This is why almost every social media platforms are facilitating users with smartphone version. For instance, popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat are facilitating on smartphone users only.

Surely in the coming year, the tech-savvy marketers of notable brands will have no excuse for creating mobile-friendly content.

Therefore, if you want to maximize your social media marking campaigns then you should focus on mobile-friendly content.

The trends in social media are going to change even more in 2018 as this platform continues to improve. This article updates the users about the right techniques they should prepare to stay on top at the social media platform.

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Jessica Barden is the author of this post. She is an academic mentor at an essay writing service and guides students about various matters related to their academic affairs, education, and career.

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