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Tools to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

Tools to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

If you are wondering how to link your YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, Feedback, Forms, Contests, Competitions and much more to your Facebook pages or looking for ways to create tabs for your Facebook Business Pages, the following tools will be the most effective in driving your confusion away besides providing the best results.

1. Woobox

Available in both free and paid subscription, Woobox offers custom tabs such as Polls, Pinterest, Deals and even Instagram that can be embedded onto your page once you have signed up with them. It boosts your overall Facebook activity with current and new fans as well as keeps your social audience interested in your brand through updates about your latest blog posts, marketing, coupons and rewards that go viral among your fan base.

2. Binkd

Binkd comes with an email capture form that needs to be completed before fans can participate in contests on your page. Contests help grow email leads as well as the fans count on your page. The contests are live and you only have to pay for the time you run it on your page. This creates a larger pool of customers for your brands, paying customers for the future besides enhancing the engagement on your page.

3. Tabsite

Tabsite is an application that allows users to create custom welcome pages and tabs with deep levels of content within Facebook without the need for any technical knowledge. It allows you to create and customize your pages besides letting you access a simple content editor to add content, images, coupons, links and more.

4. ShortStack

ShortStack offers a variety of templates to choose from and does not limit the amount of Facebook pages you can install on your app. It offers Voting, Video, Essay and photo contests and is quick and easy to install on your customised tabs.

5. Pagemodo

Pagemodo allows you to customize options like colors, fonts and layout of your pages and offers option which lets pages upload their own photos and videos for personal touch. Tabs like coupons, special offers, contact forms, maps and likes boost the potential of Facebook for bringing in new likes and leads. You can also use their product theme layout to display items for sale and make it a digital store tab by adding the map feature of your brand to it.

6. Heyo
Heyo, formerly known as Lujure offers a number of widgets to enhance your Facebook fan page to stream YouTube, RSS or Twitter feeds. It also lets you easily upload maps and music or develop custom contact forms.

The social media holds a lot of significance when it comes to creating a buzz about the presence of your product in the market. Quality content along with little visual elements such as customized tabs on your Business Page is a great way to add an extra dimension to your promotional campaign. This is the reason why businesses today rely on social media for their business promotion, creation of new customers and for maintaining the already existing customer base of their businesses.

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