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What Tools to Use to Boost your Social Media Presence

What Tools to Use to Boost your Social Media Presence

In today’s day and age, social media is literally one of the best forms of marketing out there. It has a global reach and virality can mean instant overnight fame, known by hundreds of millions worldwide. All at zero cost.

Many brands have realized this, which is why there are so many businesses present on social media platforms. They are actively posting content, in the form of jokes and light adverts while engaging with their fans.

In fact, social media is such a powerful marketing tool that it can even heavily impact the livelihoods of an individual person who has their own small business or solopreneurs such as freelancers. It is extremely beneficial in helping anybody grow, but one of the biggest challenges is by far growing the account.

Fortunately, there are a few tools that can actually help you to boost your social media presence easily and organically, and here are a few.

What social media platforms are the best right now?

Before diving into the actual tools you need, you must first know which social media platforms are the hottest out there. Right now most people in the world have an Instagram and Facebook account. Twitter and TikTok however, have been trailblazing their path to fame and success as well, with well over 300 million users on each site.

The best thing to do to grow your business is to be active on all of the most famous sites. There are slightly different demographics of users for each site, and what may work for marketing on one platform might gain virality on another. Just always be sure to focus on producing engaging content on a regular basis.

Task Ant

Instagram started off as a small photo sharing platform that has now over 1 billion users worldwide. That is 25% of the world’s population! With that amount of exposure, any business is bound to grow beyond its horizons with just a single right post. However, at the same time, with over a million pieces of content being produced every minute the competition for virality is tight.

That is where Task Ant comes in to help you out. Task Ant can be perfected to help boost your presence online rapidly and organically. It is an online hashtag generator that looks for the most trending hashtags and helps you create the perfect ones for your pictures, ensuring the highest amount of exposure possible.

Tok Upgrade

TikTok used to be quite a low-key app that lets people share videos of less than 10 seconds. It was like a mix of Instagram and YouTube and the social media predecessor, Vine. Now, it is on par with Instagram at over 1 billion users worldwide.

Many creators caught on to how effective and cost efficient it is to market on TikTok, but similar to Instagram, it is also highly competitive. Especially if you do not understand the niche demographic of TikTok, and what their media demands are.

With Tok Upgrade, that will no longer pose a problem. Tok Upgrade tracks your ideal audience and automatically engages with them. With over 11,400 agencies worldwide using their services, they are the number one in the industry, with countless success stories.


Twitter has always been the most preferred social media platforms for many brands. It is fast paced and limits your posts to 150 words or less. Perfect for a witty snapback or a one-liner advertisement. In fact, the popular franchise Wendy’s uses it to their full advantage.

You might not be a big conglomerate like Wendy’s but that does not mean you can’t gain a ton of followers and free marketing as well. It might be difficult to do alone, but with the help of a services such as Twesocial, you are more than guaranteed success on Twitter.

Twesocial allows you to buy real organic followers on Twitter that react and share your tweets out to the world, helping you market to their circle of friends, which then markets to their circle, and so on and forth.

Not only is it auto targeting, giving you the proper audience all the time to maximize your exposure, it also features an AI that lets you “set and forget”, letting your Twitter account grow on it’s own.

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