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Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of Landing Pages

Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of Landing Pages

What is a landing page conversion rate?

The landing page conversion rate lets you know the rate of visitors that got converted into leads by taking necessary action on the landing page as per your expectation. Some people may take the action while others bounce. The landing page conversion rates are not the same for all websites across different industries. This means you will always have some opportunities to improve things and get results.

Top Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

  • Audit to know which factors are determining your conversion rate

Conducting audits will help you understand why visitors on the webpage are not converting. It will offer you valuable insights. You can learn about the high and low-performing elements on your webpage with website heatmaps. Such insights will help you place a call to action in a better position.

  • Create an amazing pre-click experience

Many believe that having a “click me” or “call-to-action” button is enough for landing pages however it is not completely true. An ideal landing page is one that excels in offering a pre-click experience to users. The pre-click experience of a landing page can be defined by the design and the feeling reflected in the message that brings someone to your page. Having a clean and clutter-free design for your landing page created during landing page optimization can also help you deliver such an experience.

  • One call-to-action (CTA)

Every landing page should have a clear singular goal – whether it wishes to sell something, fill a form, download an eBook or ask the visitor to take some action. Every element on the page should sync with the single call to action and also remove unnecessary elements if present.

  • Introduce new landing page elements and test exhaustively

Landing page development is not a one-time task. You need to keep optimizing it, replacing elements with a new ones, experimenting with images, colors, etc. Testing the elements regularly is your way to increase conversions.

  • Add trust signals

The majority of the customers look for product reviews before making the final call and this is the reason why marketers prefer to add trust signals into the landing pages. Including such trust, signals will help the site to increase conversion rates.

It is a fact that users trust other users and so businesses are keen on collecting positive feedback and testimonials. Moreover, it is also important to ensure you find the right place to add testimonials to your landing page. Placing the quote near the ‘Contact Us’ form can help the business improve conversions.

  • Enhance your landing page visuals

We all know the power of pictures when it comes to expressing anything. Adding in the right visuals will help your landing pages improve their conversion rates. Some of the good examples here are explainer videos, compelling images, or even the use of animated GIFs. Now, this does not mean that just adding in visuals can help you have improved conversions. As per A/B testing conducted by Hubspot on two versions of a site by using images on one version and not having them in another – the one without images showed an increase in sign-up rates.

However, the heatmaps revealed that the position of an image on the website matters more when it comes to capturing the attention of the users. So, improving the landing pages for conversions by running tests is essential.

  • Make sure your page load is optimal

Speed and accessibility play a very important role in improving conversion rates. This is because low page speed can increase bounce rate and there is no meaning in investing in other optimization techniques for those few patient users left behind.

Users expect the page to load within a couple of seconds and the importance of such landing page optimization increases when mobile users are visiting such pages. To resolve these issues, you need to take care of a few things like:

o   The page weight

o   The FCP timing

  • Leverage the power of social proof

In human psychology, social proof is a big thing. Chances are high that a person will take an action when it is recommended by others. People can be influenced and also their decisions through the tremendous power of opinions, evidence, and stories. Therefore, you will have an amazing way to improve your conversion rates by adding social proof to your landing pages. Now, this can be done by just a display of a brand's popularity over social media, or by adding in a review or testimonial.

  • Introduce live chat on your landing page

With the live chat feature, your users will be able to find answers for their queries and this brings them closer to CTA. Answer visitors exactly at the moment when they are about to buy a product and have a query related to it. This can help the website decrease bounce rate while enhancing customer satisfaction. Responsiveness matters in such a business. Try to have a personal connection with the customers and this will help your landing page with better conversions.

  • Optimize your landing page for mobile

With the use of smartphones increasing exponentially across the globe and a greater number of users using them to access websites, optimizing the landing pages accordingly is crucial now. During landing page development, you should work closely with UX designers and ensure it is optimized for mobile as it will help you deliver a seamless mobile browsing experience to the users.


So now you may have got a better idea about how to improve your landing pages for better conversions. To begin with, choose the right web development company that can help you with the task. Today, websites with good landing pages can only survive the tough competition prevalent in the market.

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Bimal Patel is the CEO and Founder of Myra Technolabs, a steadily growing Top Mobile App Development Company in India. It works with the single motto of helping clients build successful businesses in their domain. He believes in creating happy clients, he invests his full potential in every client work. All the more, he has the most dedicated and skilled team of developers and designers at his disposal who follow all the standard development procedures to ensure the timely and quality deliverance of client work.

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