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10 Amazing Tips to Create a Professional Looking Video

Dec 13, 2021
10 Amazing Tips to Create a Professional Looking Video

As the boom of videos takes over our internet lives, making professional-looking videos has become as important as writing well-crafted emails. Soon every business will need videos like photos and blogs. You can create amazing videos for your Instagram and get more followers and likes.

As more videos flood the internet, the only way to set yourself apart from the clutter is by producing the highest quality films. Here are 10 tips that will help you create professional-looking videos each time.

01. Put It To Planning

For anything to become a successful endeavor you will need to start with the right foot forward. Ensure you plan well before you dive into shooting anything. Be it a sixty-seconds long Reel or an hour-long film, they each need planning.

For starters, create a timeline for your end goal. Break these down into smaller fragments like brainstorming, writing, scripting, shooting, editing, and promotions. Before you shoot your first piece of footage, you should have a shot breakdown and a list of props and locations ready.

Ensure you have minimal friction at the time of the shoot. It’s better to mark off a time on your calendar for each of these events to ensure a seamless experience.

Today the use of an online video editor can also help you element this problem as they come with preloaded templates that help you better understand what is the norm of framing. Utilizing an AI photo editor can also assist in refining your images, offering preloaded templates that guide you in understanding optimal framing and composition norms.

02. Understand Your Gear

We often overthink the equipment we own. Spend less time waiting for the perfect equipment and more time understanding how you can make the most from what you own.

That small device in your pocket you use to make calls has a more powerful camera than more DSLRs today. Understand what equipment you already have and how you can make the best of it.

All you need to shoot is a good camera (phone or DSLR), an audio recording device, some soft lights, editing tools, and the locations. If you do not own light, shoot in the day. Do not compromise on the quality of your shots for the lack of equipment either.

If there are shots you need but do not have the equipment to shoot them – like drones or gimbals. You can depend on free online stock footage to fill the gaps.If you are making quality content for instagram then these are some amazing practices to include in your marketing strategy.

03. Focus On Good Light

As mentioned easier, shooting is all about getting your lighting right. Use natural light from a window if you do not have artificial lights.

Ensure the subject of your videos is lit without distractions. The lighting is clean and do not use too many colors if you are a beginner.

If you are new to this you will need to understand a few cinematic shooting techniques. Study the use of three-point lighting. This is a simple and easy to execute light setup that works for any situation.

04. Master Your Audio Outcome

An audience will forgive you for average footage, but bad audio makes a video unwatchable. Ensure you have unparalleled audio when you record.

This is understandable in two parts. First, ensure you use a sound recorder or phone to record speech separately. Never depend on the built-in camera mic as they are not directional and provide a make-shift hollow sound.

Next, use good quality background music that is ethically sourced. Ensure you match the music on your videos to the mood of the story. Take a few days to study the importance of sound design in your videos. This helps to amplify your footage and add a punch to your movies.

Listen to the final audio export on various devices like your phone, television, and laptops. Check for unusual spikes or volume changes. Ensure the audio is balanced on both right and left channels and pleasant to earphone users.

05. Understand Basic Composition

If you are unsure about the basics of image composition then you should take the time to learn it. As the word suggests, the composition is the process of each and every frame looking cinematic and pleasant to the eye.

Research on some composition methods like optimal depth of field, rule of thirds, over the shoulder, etc. Watch videos of similar video treatments to understand what the pros are doing correctly and inculcate those frames. If you are an instagram marketer, then you should know about these handpicked techniques.

06. Research Styles

One of the most critical aspects of good filmmaking is originality. While it’s acceptable to seek inspiration from various sources, it’s also imperative to discover your own style.

Each and every filmmaker or video creator has their own distinct style. The use of lights and colors, the way they talk, the use of sound design, the film-making style, and much more. Find a few elements for you and incorporate them in each video to build your style.

Yes, you will not have this style from the get-go. They will take time to develop and master.

07. Check W/B and Focus

Two aspects of film-making that can make your footage look highly professional are white-balance and focus.

White balance is the adjustment of the colors on your camera setting to make your images look as natural as possible. This process includes a balance of tint and temperature to ensure the whites look white. Many filmmakers hold a clear white sheet of paper to the lens to determine this color.

Furthermore, focus plays a massive role in achieving crisp footage. An out-of-focus subject is a big no-no. The subject must always remain in focus to help direct the audience’s eyes. Avoid using auto-focus as it may bounce or shift during the shoot.

08. Match Colors

Matching colors, or color grading is what sets a good film apart from the pact. A film with balanced colors is automatically more appealing to the eye.

Color grading is the process of ensuring every frame looks like they belong to the same movie. The colors and tones must remain consistent.

This color is also used to resent the mood or time of the footage. For example, we often use a sepia color tone to show nostalgia or flashbacks. While the use of opulent colors is a representation of happiness.

09. Shoot To Edit

Shoot to edit is a very common rule of thumb with filmmakers. This implies that the footage shot on a camera must undergo minimal corrections and changes when placed on an edit table. Editing must work merely as a tool to enhance the existing footage and not fix problems.  

10. Don’t Overdo It.

Lastly, remember that too much of a good thing can also be bad. Do not overdo anything in your videos. Use minimal music, fonts, colors, and text. While adding anything to your video ask yourself if it would add value to the final product. Similarly, when it comes to using backgrounds, opt for versatile green screen backgrounds that can complement your content without overpowering it.

The ideal philosophy for pro filmmakers is that a film is ready when there is nothing left to remove from it, not when there is nothing left to add to it. A minimalist approach will always lead to a professional outcome.

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